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    An Integrated Method for Determination of the Oswald Factor in a Multi-Fidelity Design Environment

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    Aircraft conceptual design often focuses on unconventional configurations like for example forward swept wings. Assessing the characteristics of these configurations usually requires the use of physic based analysis modules. This is due to the fact that for unconventional configurations no sucient database for historic based analysis modules is available. Nevertheless, physic based models require a lot of input data and their computational cost can be high. Generating input values in a trade study manually is work-intensive and error-prone. Conceptual design modules can be used to generate sucient input data for physic based models and their results can be re-integrated into the conceptual design phase. In this study a direct link between a conceptual design module and an aerodynamic design module is presented. Geometric information is generated by the conceptual design module and the physic based results, in form of the Oswald factor, are then fed back. Apart from the direct link, an equation for determination of the Oswald factor is derived via a Symbolic Regression Approach

    A new angle on throwing

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    Book Review: The Physic Garden by Catherine Czerkawska

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    Response to Nauenberg's "Critique of Quantum Enigma: Physics Encounters Consciousness"

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    Nauenberg's extended critique of Quantum Enigma rests on fundamental misunderstandings.Comment: To be published in Foundations of Physic

    On Exactly Solvable Potentials

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    We investigate two methods of obtaining exactly solvable potentials with analytic forms.Comment: 13 pages, Latex, to appear in Chineses Journal of Physic

    Instanton-like Excitations in 2D Fermionic Field Theory

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    New non-perturbatives excitations in the massless Thirring and Schwinger models are discussed.Comment: Revtex, 9pp, to be published in New Trends in Theoretical Physic