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    Paper Crafts with Batuan technique: Efforts to shape the development of Indonesian souvenirs

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    Paper craft is a craft form of sheets of heavy paper that can be folded and taped up to resemble a character model, object, building, animals. The availability of various models on the internet with little cost or free, as well as the amenity to be printed by using home printers to make its popularity increasing worldwide. In Indonesia, anime models are more acquired and more developed, yet the development of the Indonesian characteristic is less. Batuan pattern, is developed in the area of Batuan, Gianyar, Bali, it is a pattern that is magical, eerie, abstract, and dark. Currently, the pattern of Batuan developed by artists in the form of Batuan paintings that depict the daily life of Balinese people include farming, Ngaben, and depictions of folklore. With a creative method and mode of observation approach undertaken in the village of Batuan, Gianyar, Bali conducted research to combine paper craft techniques and Batuan style. The output generated a form of paper craft that has a characteristic of Bali as a souvenir. Keywords: Paper Craft, Model, Painting, Batuan, Souveni

    Manufacturing in Practice for a Toy Robot developed by Paper Craft

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    A curriculum guide for art in the elementary grades

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    Thesis (Ed.M.)--Boston Universit

    A method for generating developments using decomposition into the meaningful components of 3D polygon models

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    We propose a method for generating developments from 3D polygon models automatically. The conventional method generates the developments whose components are not interfering each together, by using collision detection between all polygons. However, for the model which consists of a large number of polygons, it is necessary to decompose the development into several parts manually. Therefore it is difficult to generate the development which is easy to be assembled. Our method decomposes the polygon model into meaningful components such as arms, legs, and so on, and develops them. This makes it easy to understand which parts should be glued together, and handcraft bending or folding the developments when a user assembles the paper craft

    We Mean Green Environmental Science Club

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    Lesson Plans for an Environmental Science Club. This club seeks to promote environmental awareness to elementary students through hands-on activities, videos, and discussion

    A cuttable multi-touch sensor

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    We propose cutting as a novel paradigm for ad-hoc customization of printed electronic components. As a first instantiation, we contribute a printed capacitive multi-touch sensor, which can be cut by the end-user to modify its size and shape. This very direct manipulation allows the end-user to easily make real-world objects and surfaces touch-interactive, to augment physical prototypes and to enhance paper craft. We contribute a set of technical principles for the design of printable circuitry that makes the sensor more robust against cuts, damages and removed areas. This includes novel physical topologies and printed forward error correction. A technical evaluation compares different topologies and shows that the sensor remains functional when cut to a different shape.Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (Cluster of Excellence Multimodal Computing and Interaction, German Federal Excellence Initiative

    The Taxonomy, The Technologies, and the Toolkit for Technology-enchanced Movable Paper Craft

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