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    The relationship between student achievement and other selected variables and teacher engagement, 2017

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    It was the goal of this study to determine the relationship between student achievement and other selected variable such as principal years of experience, student socioeconomic status, teachers perceptions of administrative support, students perceptions of teacher support, and teacher attendance to teacher engagement. The study also determined if the variables along with teacher engagement were predictors of attrition. Pearson correlations were used to analyze the data that had the greatest significant relationship to teacher engagement. Regression tests were used to determine if the variables were predictors of attrition. The researcher concluded that student achievement, teachers perceptions of principal support, and students perceptions of teachers had the most significant relationship to teacher engagement; student socioeconomic status had a negative relationship with teacher engagement. The researcher found that the selected variables were not significant predictors of teacher attrition. Recommendations were suggested for central office leaders, building level leaders, teachers, and future researchers. KEY TERMS: Teacher Morale, Teacher Motivation, Student Achievement, Teacher Attrition, Job Satisfaction, interpersonal Relationship, Education, Educational Administration and Supervision, Educational Leadership, Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration, Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching, Urban Educatio

    MS-186: Papers of the Christ Chapel Community Welfare Program

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    Though small and fragmentary, this collection contains important evidence dating from a crucial historical moment. It is particularly valuable to understanding how Gettysburg College responded to heightened pressures (from within and without) to diversify, engage, and reach across lines of race, economics, and social status. Included are ephemeral announcements of program activities; inter-office memos; purchase receipts; correspondence between and from program members; questionnaires filled out by community children; and photographs taken at program activities. Special Collections and College Archives Finding Aids are discovery tools used to describe and provide access to our holdings. Finding aids include historical and biographical information about each collection in addition to inventories of their content. More information about our collections can be found on our website http://www.gettysburg.edu/special_collections/collections/.https://cupola.gettysburg.edu/findingaidsall/1165/thumbnail.jp


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    UA12/2/41 Student National Education Association

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    Records created by and about the Student National Education Association

    Teaching and instruction: a study exploring contributing factors that impact reading comprehension for english language learners in middle school and strategies for improvement, 2016

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    The purpose of this mixed methodological study was to explore factors that impact English Language Learners (ELLs) reading comprehension in middle school and strategies for improvement. The independent variables were Oral Language Skills, Reading Motivation, Cultural Relevant Pedagogy, Teacher Instructional Strategies, Students Self-Efficacy in the use of English, Academic Peer Support, and Student Socialization/Involvement; the dependent variable was Reading Comprehension. This study took place at one private school outside the Atlanta Metropolitan area in which 99% of the population are ELLs. The participants included 60 students and 3 teachers of different content backgrounds. The quantitative data collected included a survey of 60 students and students Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language Learners (ACCESS for ELLs) scores were analyzed. Pearson r 2-tailed correlation, descriptive statistics, and a regression test were used to test the significant relationship between variables. The qualitative data collected included interviews of 6 students and classroom observations of teachers lesson plans. To analyze the qualitative data, the researcher interpreted statements from the interviews, classroom observations of teachers lesson plans, and document analyses into themes. The findings of this study revealed that there are significant relationships between the dependent variable, reading comprehension and the independent variables oral language skills, students reading motivation, culturally relevant pedagogy, student socialization/involvement, and students self-efficacy in the use of English having the greatest impact on ELLs reading comprehension. KEY TERMS: reading comprehension, culturally relevant pedagogy, brain based learning, strategies, assessments, English Language Learners, Accessibility, Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education, Elementary and Middle and Secondary Education Administration, Junior High, Intermediate, Middle School Education and Teaching, Secondary Education and Teachin

    Learning Moo-re About the Dairy: Publishing a Middle Level Place-Based Informational Text

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    This manuscript describes the creation of an middle level informational text about the local university dairy. The place-based assignment introduced the elementary education teacher candidates to the everyday workings of the university dairy. The preservice teachers engaged in the writing process throughout the creation of the informational text

    Drawing on the Layers of a Partnership to Prepare Middle Level Teachers

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    The University of Midwest (UM) and the University of Metro Midwest (UMM) are located approximately 90 miles from each other in a central Midwestern state. They are the only two research-intensive institutions in the state, and both have middle level teacher education programs preparing candidates in school-embedded clinical sites. Both teacher preparation programs are guided by the requirements from accrediting bodies, AMLE Teacher Preparation Standards, (AMLE, 2012) and the missions of our institutions. In this essay, we will describe our collaborative partnership and how two teacher educators from two institutions utilize school-embedded clinical sites to connect and prepare middle level teacher candidates with the end goal of improved educational experiences for young adolescents through teachers prepared to teach them
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