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    High-power active devices

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    Very high-power (HP) electronics represents a small part of the electronics market. In semiconductor terms, HP represents a world device market of 600 million euros out of a total 200 billion euros for all semiconductors—a mere 0.3 per cent. At the multi-megawatt spectral end, the numbers are even smaller, so that it is quite common for electronics engineers to be unaware of developments in Very High Power (VHP). In this presentation we discuss the categories of VHP active devices, the basic topologies in which they operate, and the trend towards higher voltage and current. New press-pack technologies are introduced and the salient differences between Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs) and Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristors (IGCTs) are compared. Finally, recent developments in turn-off ratings for both these devices are presented

    Business Resilience of Traditional Market During and After Facing Pandemic Covid-19 (Case Study of Cisalak Market)

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    Cisalak Market is one of the traditional markets in Depok City which operates for 24 hours every day. Technical Implementation Unit (abbreviated as UPT) as manager of the Cisalak Market has a vision of realizing its market as a center of economic growth in the orderly, clean, beautiful, and comfortable trade sector. Like the traditional markets in general, activities in Cisalak Market are still running normally and are still crowded with buyers. But since the outbreak of COVID-19, market activities have also been limited and caused a decrease in the number of visitors as well as in purchasing power. Community activities had also been quiet due to the massive spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. This situation will affect the performance of Cisalak Market, especially on the amount of income received by traders in the market. This research aims to analyze the resilience of the Cisalak Market business after facing the pandemic issue using a risk management approach. In particular, this study aims (1) to identify the risk and determine risk treatment of the Cisalak Market in the midst of this pandemic and (2) provide solutions that make it possible to be resilient in continuing a business during a post-pandemic period. This study will use fishbone analysis which will formulate the problem, search for the cause, and find the solution. Some respondents will be interviewed such as UPT of Cisalak Market as the market manager and traders in Cisalak Market. This study will find major problems and provide possible solution strategies Keywords: Cisalak Market, fishbone analysis, risk management, risk identification, risk treatmen

    Dancing in the Desert: A Case Study on the Digital Marketing Techniques of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

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    Digital marketing is a marketing strategy that helps companies grow in multiple ways. Digital marketing and the five Ds (digital devices, digital platforms, digital media, digital date, digital technology) represents the evolution of marketing in the modern era. The purpose of this study was to examine the digital marketing practices of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Coachella and its digital marketing techniques are strategically planned in order for the festival to reach its target audience. Research for this study was conducted using a case study. The results indicated that Coachella’s digital marketing is effective in reaching the target audience and gains attention from all attendees. Coachella should continue utilizing its digital marketing techniques as well as additional marketing techniques to gain attention from attendees

    A turbojet-boosted two-stage-to-orbit space transportation system design study

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    The concept to use twin turbo-powered boosters for acceleration to supersonic staging speed followed by an all rocket powered orbiter stage was proposed. A follow-on design study was then made of the concept with the performance objective of placing a 29,483 Kg payload into a .2.6 X 195.3 km orbit. The study was performed in terms of analysis and trade studies, conceptual design, utility and economic analysis, and technology assessment. Design features of the final configuration included: strakes and area rule for improved take off and low transonic drag, variable area inlets, exits and turbine, and low profile fixed landing gear for turbojet booster stage. The payload required an estimated GLOW of 1,270,000 kg for injection in orbit. Each twin booster required afterburning turbojet engines each with a static sea level thrust rating of 444,800 N. Life cycle costs for this concept were comparable to a SSTO/SLED concept except for increased development cost due to the turbojet engine propulsion system

    Towards Sustainable Ultrawide Bandgap Van der Waals Materials: An ab initio Screening Effort

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    The sustainable development of next-generation device technology is paramount in the face of climate change and the looming energy crisis. Tremendous efforts have been made in the discovery and design of nanomaterials that achieve device-level sustainability, where high performance and low operational energy cost are prioritized. However, many of such materials are composed of elements that are under threat of depletion and pose elevated risks to the environment. The role of material-level sustainability in computational screening efforts remains an open question thus far. Here we develop a general van der Waals materials screening framework imbued with sustainability-motivated search criteria. Using ultrawide bandgap (UWBG) materials as a backdrop -- an emerging materials class with great prospects in dielectric, power electronics, and ultraviolet device applications, we demonstrate how this screening framework results in 25 sustainable UWBG layered materials comprising only of low-risks elements. Our findings constitute a critical first-step towards reinventing a more sustainable electronics landscape beyond silicon, with the framework established in this work serving as a harbinger of sustainable 2D materials discovery.Comment: 15 pages, 8 figure

    Logo design: lessons learned from interbrand's top 100 global brands

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    The purpose of this paper is to classify Interbrand's Top 100 Global brands based on their logo design. Content analysis was used as the analysis tool in this study. It is a commonly used technique in corporate branding. All data, including brand logos, were collected from Interbrand's official website. This study used longitudinal data of 20 years (2001 to 2020) by Interbrand. During this period, 177 brands appeared in the Top 100 Global Brands list. Four major logotypes were observed. First, "Shape only Logos" are logos with distinct shapes and intensely work independently without using its brand name like Audi, Mercedes, Apple, McDonald's, and Nike. Second, "Text Only Logos" are logos made of simple and clear typography with a potent color combination like Samsung, Intel, Uber, and Nokia. Third, a combination of text and image represents the brands and logos, but the text is placed outside the distinct Shape like Amazon, Microsoft, Toyota, Cisco, LG, and Puma. Fourth, also a combination of text and image used to represent the brands and logos is made up of text inside a distinct shape like BMW, SAP, GE, UPS, Ford, Volkswagen, and Kia

    Managing the Urban Environment of Lima, Peru

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    This article brings the contemporary thinking and practice of Urban Environmental Management (UEM) to the solution of real problems in a major city of a developing country in Latin America. Such cities both face more immediate problems than the developed world and have fewer resources to deal with them. The study first considers the Latin American context and then reviews issues of poverty alleviation, industry, sewage and sanitation, water, energy, transportation and finance in Lima, Peru. Finally, it proposes a 5-year plan to help solve the urban environmental problems of Metropolitan Lima, an environmentally difficult, but important Latin American metropolitan area located between the Pacific Ocean and a hilly desert, utilizing a real-world database and a limited budget

    CIRCUS: an autonomous control system for antimatter, atomic and quantum physics experiments

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    AbstractA powerful and robust control system is a crucial, often neglected, pillar of any modern, complex physics experiment that requires the management of a multitude of different devices and their precise time synchronisation. The AEḡIS collaboration presents CIRCUS, a novel, autonomous control system optimised for time-critical experiments such as those at CERN’s Antiproton Decelerator and, more broadly, in atomic and quantum physics research. Its setup is based on Sinara/ARTIQ and TALOS, integrating the ALPACA analysis pipeline, the last two developed entirely in AEḡIS. It is suitable for strict synchronicity requirements and repeatable, automated operation of experiments, culminating in autonomous parameter optimisation via feedback from real-time data analysis. CIRCUS has been successfully deployed and tested in AEḡIS; being experiment-agnostic and released open-source, other experiments can leverage its capabilities.</jats:p

    Materialist Circuitry: Digital Writing Technology, Planned Obsolescence, and Ecological Impact

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    This dissertation claims that planned obsolescence of digital writing equipment is a problem for composition—one that we should take up and challenge. Obsolescence causes practical difficulties for digital writing teachers and researchers because keeping up with the interfaces that are available and in use in public contexts can be troublesome and time consuming when those devices are so quickly changed, updated, and obsolesced. The project develops obsolescence as a heuristic and then uses obsolescence as a lens for analyzing the design of digital tools, ecological writing theory, and university digital initiatives. Through this analysis, I show that by studying obsolescence, we can see more clearly the forces shaping and reshaping writing practices. Bringing obsolescence into focus also helps us to consider the broader contexts in which writing tools circulate when they are not in our hands, and thus makes evident how our work is complicit with broader and sometimes geographically distant social issues

    穿越时空,领航人类相片科技; [HP Electronics. Hp deskjet color printer. Go through time and space, lead in photo technology. ]

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