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    Observations on the concept of the aquapelago occasioned by researching the Maldives

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    In my recent work on the Maldives (Bremner, 2016), I drew on Philip Hayward’s notion of the aquapelago (Hayward 2012a, 2012b) to theorize the Maldives and to develop a new metageographical concept for architecture in today’s globalized world. In this short contribution to Shima Debates, I will highlight my observations on the the Maldives and the concept of the aquapelago occasioned by this work

    Who Is More Likely to Be Delinquent in Their Mortgage Payments Among Homeowners? The Role of Financial Literacy

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    Homeownership is a way for families to build wealth and marks status attainment. Despite the many benefits of homeownership, homeowners who are delinquent on their mortgages lose the effective means of wealth accumulation and may trigger the beginning of the foreclosure process. There is evidence that homeowners with appropriate levels of financial literacy have a lower likelihood of mortgage delinquency. Using data from the 2018 National Financial Capability Study (NFCS), the main purpose of this study was to examine what factors are associated with mortgage delinquency among homeowners. This study also examined to what extent financial literacy plays a role in mortgage delinquency among homeowners. The findings of this study suggest that financial literacy, some personal/other factors, and socio-economic characteristics are important factors associated with mortgage delinquency. In particular, financial literacy such as budgeting ability and setting up an emergency fund were important skills that could help homeowners pay their mortgages on time. The findings of this study can help financial educators, financial counselors, and policy makers understand the role of financial literacy in mortgage delinquency and could help homeowners keep their homes and reduce the risk of foreclosure