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    Fifteenth century earth science

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    The earth science content of two late medieval encyclopedias, the Mirrour of the World and Higden's Polychronicon, both printed by William Caxton in the 1480's, is examined in relation to fifteenth century ideas about the physical nature of the earth and the universe. Such topics as the four elements, the earth and the spheres, location of Hell and Paradise, the arrangement of , continents and oceans, the unity of waters, earthquakes and volcanoes, erosion, fossils and mountain building, climatic zones and weather phenomena are summarized and reference made to the Biblical and Classical Greek sources of these ideas

    Altichiero in the Fifteenth Century

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    Altichiero was the dominant north Italian painter of the later Trecento. In Padua, in the 1370s and early 1380s, he worked for patrons close to Petrarch and his circle and perhaps in direct contact with the poet himself. By the time of the second edition of VasariÔÇÖs Vite (1568) the memory of AltichieroÔÇÖs work had suffered significant occlusion, and VasariÔÇÖs account of him is little more than an appendix to his life of Carpaccio. Only since the later nineteenth century, and particularly in the last fifty or so years, has AltichieroÔÇÖs reputation been restored. It is the purpose of this paper to examine aspects of that reputation throughout the century or so after the painterÔÇÖs death (by April 1393)

    Brief Extract from the Travels of Athanasius Nikitin, a Native of Twer, edited by Michael W. Charney

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    This translation of Athanasius NikitinÔÇÖs fifteenth century travels to India was originally published in India in the Fifteenth Century Being a Collection of Narratives of Voyages to India, edited by R. H. Major, in 1857. Nikitin appears to have only included information on Burma which he obtained by word of mouth. His brief references to Pegu are provided below. The reference to Pegu has been standardized, as two different spellings were included in the original translation. Edited by Michael W. Charney for the SOAS Bulletin of Burma Research

    Strathconon, Scatwell and the Mackenzies in the Written Record c. 1463-c.1700

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    Although some writers have considered the earlier history of Ross, these studies tend to focus on dynastic and political events and not much is know about the internal workings of Ross-shire far less Strathconon in the historical record prior to the end of the fifteenth century.2 Strathconon, strategically situated in central Ross, was the key to the control of the earldom of Ross in that possession of these lands secured control of the few good access routes from coast to coast. The earldom of Ross and the possession thereof in turn was pivotal to the fortunes of the Macdonald Lords of the Isles in the fifteenth century who were fatally undermined by their loss of the area to the Stewart monarchy in 1475. This essay will consider the Strathconon and Scatwell area from the time of its earliest appearance in the historical record at the end of the fifteenth century (at much the same time as the Mackenzie clan themselves) and go on to concentrate on the area in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. An attempt will be made to pull together a variety of written sources in order to try to build up a picture of the area in this period inasmuch as the evidence will allow. These lands, Strathconon and Scatwell, which form the focus of this investigation, were a small part of a much wider (and expanding) estate that was controlled in this period, c.1463 to 1700 by the Mackenzies of Kintail / Seaforth

    A Flourynge Aege: Tracing the Sacred and Secular in the Book of St. Albans

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    With the introduction of the printing press to England around the mid-fifteenth century, English authors were not only writing under the lingering influence of Chaucer and the conventions of established medieval genres, but now had to confront the implications for reading and readership that printing brought with it along with the already turbulent political climate of the fifteenth century. Though this cultural shift was arguably a gradual one, with the earliest printers taking special care to remain faithful to the manuscripts they were copying, and conventional scribes likewise being commissioned to make copies of printed works, there were nevertheless radical innovations in text production and formatting being experimented with well before 1500 (Eisenstein 51-52). It was into this literary scene that The Book of St. Albans was published, a collection of treatises on hawking, hunting, and ÔÇťother dyuers playsaunt materes belongynge unto noblesseÔÇŁ traditionally attributed to the Prioress Julyans Barnes (Barnes, rev. d viij). In spite of the bookÔÇÖs contemporary popularity, scholarship on the text has conventionally been limited to exploring the authenticity of the bookÔÇÖs authorship or relaying what the text reveals about the practicalities of late medieval sport. There has been a noticeable lack of analyses which read the collection as a cohesive literary text, which will be my endeavor throughout this project. Through this literary analysis, I hope to break free of the common trappings of previous scholarship and to showcase that The Book of St. Albans is a fascinating piece of secular literature in its own right which exemplifies the shifting consciousness of fifteenth century English society

    Proving Fifteenth Century Promises

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    During the fifteenth century, common law courts began to allow plaintiffs to bring actions for breach of informal promises under the trespassory action of assumpsit. The royal courts built evidentiary safeguards into this new use of assumpsit. This article analyzes how the courts\u27 concern for proof of informal promises had an impact on the shape that the law of contract took on

    Late medieval Maltese surnames of Arabic and Greek origin

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    As a contribution to the historical study of Maltese and Greater Sicilian onomastics, this article is an analysis of fifteenth-century Maltese surnames of low frequency (5 or less occurrences in the militia lists of 1419 and 1480) which are of certain Greek or Arabic origin. Each surname is analysed in terms of its etymology, meaning and known geographical distribution in Sicily or elsewhere in Italy.peer-reviewe

    Account of the Journey of Hieronimo di Santo Stefano, a Genovese (1495-1496) edited by R. H. Major, re-edited and introduced by Michael W. Charney

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    This translation of Hieronimo di Santo StefanoÔÇÖs journey to Pegu in 1495-1496 was originally published in India in the Fifteenth Century Being a Collection of Narratives of Voyages to India, edited by R. H. Major, in 1857. The account was written in the form of a letter to Messer Giovan Jacobo Mainer. Only those portions related to Burma have been included in the version below

    Majapahit in the fifteenth century

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    Motivacija za pisanje ovoga rada je ┼żelja za prikupljanjem, vrednovanjem, organiziranjem i objavljivanjem sadr┼żaja koji ─çe dati pregled podru─Źja te koristiti stru─Źnoj i znanstvenoj zajednici u daljnjemu radu. Gra─Ĺa za bibliografiju radova s podru─Źja ko┼íarke objavljenih u Hrvatskoj do 2019. : znanstveni i stru─Źni ─Źlanci se bavi znanstvenim i stru─Źnim ─Źlancima kao rezultatima stru─Źnog i znanstveno-istra┼żiva─Źkog rada na podru─Źju ko┼íarka┼íke igre u Hrvatskoj od po─Źetaka zabilje┼żenih sustavnih istra┼żivanja 1970-tih zaklju─Źno s 2018. godinom. Uvodna poglavlja daju sa┼żeti pregled osnova bibliografije i ko┼íarka┼íke igre. Bibliografski popis donosi isklju─Źivo kategorizirane znanstvene i stru─Źne radove u dva niza: Znanstveni i stru─Źni ─Źlanci u ─Źasopisima i Znanstveni i stru─Źni radovi u zbornicima sa skupova, s ukupno 384 bibliografske jedinice. Zapisi sadr┼że osnovne elemente bibliografskog opisa, redani su kronolo┼íki, a unutar godi┼íta abecedno prema autorskoj odrednici. Pomo─ç u pristupu i pretra┼żivanju popisa osiguravaju tri kazala: kazalo autora, predmetno kazalo i kazalo ─Źasopisa. Izvori za sastavljanje bibliografije su ve─çinom sekundarni ┼íto ostavlja mjesta za daljnja istra┼żivanja i dopunjavanja. Stru─Źna i znanstvena istra┼żivanja ko┼íarka┼íke igre u Hrvatskoj posebno su se intenzivirala nakon osamostaljenja dr┼żave te su danas sustavna, interdisciplinarna i relativno opse┼żna. Ova bibliografija je doprinos ure─Ĺivanju i organiziranju informacija s ovoga podru─Źja ┼íto bi trebalo olak┼íati pristup bibliografskim izvorima u budu─çem znanstveno-istra┼żiva─Źkom radu. Vjerujem da ─çe ona biti sastavni dio moga autorskog projekta cjelovitog popisivanja raznolike bibliografske gra─Ĺe objavljene u Hrvatskoj s temom ko┼íarka┼íke igre koji ─çe biti objavljen uskoro.The motivation for writing this paper is based upon a desire to collect, evaluate, organize and publish content providing an overview of the scope, eventually being used by the field of expert and scientific community in their further works. Materials for the Bibliography of Papers in the Field of Basketball Published in Croatia by 2019 : scientific and expert articles is dealing with the mentioned content as a result of a previous research work in the field of basketball in Croatia dating back from the beginning of the systematic researches in the 1970's until 2019. The introductory chapters present a summary overview of the basics of bibliography, as well as the basics of basketball as a sport. The bibliographic list provides only categorized scientific and expert papers presented in two series: Scientific and Expert Articles in Journals and Scientific and Expert Papers in Proceedings (contenting the total of 384 bibliographic records). The records contain the basic elements of the bibliographic description, they are chronologically lined up within the year alphabetically according to the author headings. Access and search help provide three indexes: an author index, a subject index and a journal index. Bibliography sources are mostly ones of secondary nature, leaving space for further research and supplementation. Expert and scientific research of basketball in Croatia have intensified especially after the independence in the 1990's and become systematic, interdisciplinary and relatively extensive today. This bibliography is a contribution to the editing and organiziting information from this scope which should facilitate access to bibliographic sources in future scientific research work. I believe it will be an integral part of my authoring project which includes comprehensive bibliography of a various materials published in Croatia on the subject of basketball to be released shortly
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