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    Il Gradus as Parnassum di Fedele Fenaroli

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    Illustrates the structure and goals of the treatise Regole e partimenti by Fedele Fenarol

    Der Schuleffekt auf die Mathematikleistung in PISA 2012: ein Vergleich zwischen zwei Kantonen in der Schweiz

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    Through this research, we explored the relationship between student achievement and school environment. We compared mathematics scores from the PISA test in Ticino and Geneva. We discovered that in both cantons there is a significant but moderate school effect on student mathematics performance (around 7% of the variance is attributable to school affiliation). Based on our results, we rejected the hypothesis that the context effect was a social and/or academic compositional one. We identified other factors, related to the teaching staff (seniority) and to the organization (class size), which may partly explain the between-school variance. However, we did not identify a systematic effect, since none of the variables analyzed were found to be statistically significant in both cantons. (DIPF/Orig.)In dieser Studie haben wir den Zusammenhang zwischen Erfolg und Schulumfeld untersucht. Wir haben die Mathematikergebnisse im PISA-Test in den Kantonen Tessin und Genf verglichen. In beiden Kantonen besteht ein signifikanter, aber gemäßigter institutioneller Einfluss auf die Mathematikleistung (etwa 7% der Abweichung sind auf die Schule zurückzuführen). Aufgrund unserer Ergebnisse haben wir die Hypothese abgelehnt, dass der Kontext-Effekt ein Effekt der sozialen und/oder akademischen Zusammensetzung ist. Wir haben andere Faktoren in Bezug auf Lehrpersonal und Organisation identifiziert, die zum Teil die Unterschiede zwischen den Institutionen erklären können. Wir konnten jedoch keinen systematischen Effekt finden; keine der Variablen waren in beiden Kantonen statistisch signifikant. (DIPF/Orig.

    Cellular internalisation, bioimaging and dark and photodynamic cytotoxicity of silica nanoparticles doped by {Mo₆I₈}⁴⁺ metal clusters

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    Silica nanoparticles (SNPs) doped by hexanuclear molybdenum cluster complexes [{Mo₆X₈}L₆]n (X = Cl, Br, or I; L = various inorganic or organic ligands) have been recently suggested as materials with a high potential for biomedical applications due to both the outstanding photoluminescent properties and the ability to efficiently generate singlet oxygen upon photoirradiation. However, no studies were undertaken so far to prove this concept. Therefore, here we examined the potential of photoluminescent SNPs doped by {Mo₆I₈}⁴⁺ for such applications as bioimaging and photodynamic therapy using human epidermoid larynx carcinoma (Hep-2) cell line as a model. Our results demonstrated both: (i) significant luminescence from cells with internalised molybdenum cluster doped SNPs combined with the low cytotoxicity of particles in the darkness and (ii) significant cytotoxicity of the particles upon photoirradiation. Thus, this research provides strong experimental evidence for high potential of molybdenum cluster doped materials in such biomedical applications as optical bioimaging, biolabeling and photodynamic therapy

    Floristička opažanja o posebnoj zajednici Acer opalus Mill. ssp. obtusatum (Waldst. et Kit. ex Willd.) na području Gargana (Apulija, Italija).

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    The results of floristic investigation into the most representative plant community of Acer opalus subsp. obtusatum growing on Gargano Promontory (Apulia, Italy) are presented. The taxon is in the Regional Red List of plants of Apulia, with lower risk (LR). In all, 126 taxa were recorded, exsiccata of which were stored in the Herbarium Horti Botanici Barensis (BI), while 15 of them are considered important from a conservation point of view. For these species a detailed account is provided.U radu se prezentiraju rezultati florističkih istraživanja najzastupljenije biljne zajednice koju na na poluotoku Gargano (Apulija, Italija) čini Acer opalus subsp. obtusatum. Svojta se nalazi na regionalnom Crvenoj popisu biljaka Apulije kao nisko rizična vrsta (LR). Zabilježeno je ukupno 126 svojti, exsiccata su pohranjeni u Herbarium Horti Botanici Barensis (BI), a od toga ih se 15 svojti smatra važnim s gledišta zaštite i za njih se daju detaljni podaci

    Motherhood in the Time of Coronavirus: The Impact of the Pandemic Emergency on Expectant and Postpartum Women\u2019s Psychological Well-Being

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    The birth of a child is a critical and potentially stressful experience for women, entailing several changes both at the individual and interpersonal level. This event can lead to different forms of distress, ranging in intensity and duration. Many studies highlighted medical, psychological, and social variables as risk factors potentially influencing the onset or aggravation of perinatal maternal conditions. The current pandemic emergency and the restrictive measures adopted by local governments to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection may negatively affect mothers-to-be and new mothers potentially increasing the likelihood of anxiety, depressive or post-traumatic symptoms to develop. Moreover, the forced quarantine combined with the limited access to professional or family support may increase feelings of fatigue and isolation. The present study aims to investigate women\u2019s psychological well-being during pregnancy and in the first months after childbirth, integrating the evaluation of some traditionally studied variables with the specificities of the current situation. 575 Italian women have been administered an online self-report questionnaire assessing the presence of anxiety disorders, depressive and post-traumatic symptoms as well as the expectations toward childbirth (for mothers-to-be) or the subjective experience of childbirth (for postpartum women). Findings revealed a higher percentage of women than that reported in the literature scored above the clinical cut-off both during pregnancy and postpartum on a series of measures of psychological well-being, thus demonstrating that this period was perceived as particularly challenging and stressful and had significant impact on the women\u2019s well-being. Moreover, some socio-demographic, medical, and pandemic-related variables, especially the lack of presence and support from one\u2019s partner during labor and delivery as well as in the first days postpartum was found to predict women\u2019s mental health. These findings suggest the need for developing specific interventions targeted at women who cannot benefit from the support of their partners or family

    Subcellular localization and therapeutic efficacy of polymeric micellar nanoparticles encapsulating bedaquiline for tuberculosis treatment in zebrafish

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    The combination drug regimens that have long been used to treat tuberculosis (TB), caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, are fraught with problems such as frequent administration, long duration of treatment, and harsh adverse effects, leading to the emergence of multidrug resistance. Moreover, there is no effective preventive vaccine against TB infection. In this context, nanoparticles (NPs) have emerged as a potential alternative method for drug delivery. Encapsulating antibiotics in biodegradable NPs has been shown to provide effective therapy and reduced toxicity against M. tuberculosis in different mammalian models, when compared to conventional free drug administration. Here, we evaluate the localization, therapeutic efficacy and toxic effects of polymeric micellar NPs encapsulating a promising but highly hydrophobic and toxic antitubercular drug bedaquiline (BQ) in zebrafish embryos infected with Mycobacterium marinum. Our study shows that the NP formulation of BQ improves survival and reduces bacterial burden in the infected embryos after treatment when compared to its free form. The intravenously injected BQ NPs have short circulation times due to their rapid and efficient uptake into the endothelial cells, as observed by correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM)

    Primi casi di naturalizzazione del noce nero (Juglans nigra L.) (Juglandaceae) in Sicilia

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    Il presente studio riporta i primi casi di naturalizzazione del noce nero in Sicilia. Il possibile ruolo giocato dagli animali disseminatori e dalle condizioni climatiche locali sono stati discussi

    Zebrafish embryos allow prediction of nanoparticle circulation times in mice and facilitate quantification of nanoparticle-cell interactions

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    The zebrafish embryo is a vertebrate well suited for visualizing nanoparticles at high resolution in live animals. Its optical transparency and genetic versatility allow noninvasive, real-time observations of vascular flow of nanoparticles and their interactions with cells throughout the body. As a consequence, this system enables the acquisition of quantitative data that are difficult to obtain in rodents. Until now, a few studies using the zebrafish model have only described semiquantitative results on key nanoparticle parameters. Here, a MACRO dedicated to automated quantitative methods is described for analyzing important parameters of nanoparticle behavior, such as circulation time and interactions with key target cells, macrophages, and endothelial cells. Direct comparison of four nanoparticle (NP) formulations in zebrafish embryos and mice reveals that data obtained in zebrafish can be used to predict NPs' behavior in the mouse model. NPs having long or short blood circulation in rodents behave similarly in the zebrafish embryo, with low circulation times being a consequence of NP uptake into macrophages or endothelial cells. It is proposed that the zebrafish embryo has the potential to become an important intermediate screening system for nanoparticle research to bridge the gap between cell culture studies and preclinical rodent models such as the mouse
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