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    Nanostructured luminescently labeled nucleic acids

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    Important and emerging trends at the interface of luminescence, nucleic acids and nanotechnology are: (i) the conventional luminescence labeling of nucleic acid nanostructures (e.g. DNA tetrahedron); (ii) the labeling of bulk nucleic acids (e.g. single‚Äźstranded DNA, double‚Äźstranded DNA) with nanostructured luminescent labels (e.g. copper nanoclusters); and (iii) the labeling of nucleic acid nanostructures (e.g. origami DNA) with nanostructured luminescent labels (e.g. silver nanoclusters). This review surveys recent advances in these three different approaches to the generation of nanostructured luminescently labeled nucleic acids, and includes both direct and indirect labeling methods

    Encode/Decode facility for FORTRAN 4

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    An ENCODE and DECODE facility, a subroutine added to a FORTRAN 4 library, allows alphanumeric data to be transfered to or from an area in memory rather than to or from external input/output devices. A buffer storage array allows the operations on the data prior to writing

    Human substantia nigra neurons encode unexpected financial rewards

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    The brain's sensitivity to unexpected outcomes plays a fundamental role in an\ud organism's ability to adapt and learn new behaviors. Emerging research suggests that\ud midbrain dopaminergic neurons encode these unexpected outcomes. We used\ud microelectrode recordings during deep brain stimulation surgery to study neuronal activity in\ud the human substantia nigra (SN) while patients with Parkinson's disease engaged in a\ud probabilistic learning task motivated by virtual financial rewards. Based on a model of the ..
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