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    Interconnection of subsystems in closed-loop systems

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    Paper Session III-A - Closed Loop Systems

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    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is unique in its search for man made, closed loop life support systems and in its total engineering methods. Short term space travel has given NASA tremendous knowledge in closed loop systems and the vision of extended space travel will require the expansion of this knowledge base. Earth and its surrounding atmosphere has been operating as a closed loop life support system for billions of years. It has gone through many changes to best suit an equilibrium state. In recent years, man has developed to a level where we can effect that state. With this in mind, the task of protecting our life support system on earth and designing the systems for long duration space travel have great communality

    Estimation of Parametric Fault in Closed-loop Systems

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    A study of gas contaminants and interaction with materials in RPC closed loop systems

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    Resistive Plate Counters (RPC) detectors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments use gas recirculation systems to cope with large gas mixture volumes and costs. In this paper a long-term systematic study about gas purifiers, gas contaminants and detector performance is discussed. The study aims at measuring the lifetime of purifiers with unused and used cartridge material along with contaminants release in the gas system. During the data-taking the response of several RPC double-gap detectors was monitored in order to characterize the correlation between dark currents, filter status and gas contaminants
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