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    Ultrareliable, fault-tolerant control systems: A conceptual description

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    An Ultrareliable, Fault-Tolerant, Control-System (UFTCS) concept is described using a systems design philosophy which allows development of system structures containing virtually no common elements. Common elements limit achievable system reliability and can cause catastrophic loss of fault-tolerant system function. The UFTCS concept provides the means for removing common system elements by permitting the elements of the system to operate as independent, uncoupled entities. Multiple versions of the application program are run on dissimilar hardware. Fault tolerance is achieved through the use of static redundancy management

    Conceptual description of the design of bucket elevator

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    Tato bakal√°Ňôsk√° pr√°ce se zab√Ĺv√° koncepńćn√≠m popisem n√°vrhu koreńćkov√©ho elev√°toru. C√≠lem je vytvoŇôit v√Ĺukovou verzi postupu pro n√°vrh koreńćkov√©ho elev√°toru jako podklad pro studenty bakal√°Ňôsk√©ho studia. Obsahuje popis jednotliv√Ĺch souńć√°st√≠ i s¬†funkńćn√≠mi v√Ĺpońćty.This thesis deals with the description of the conceptual design bucket elevator. The aim is to create an educational version of the procedure for the design of bucket elevator as a base for students of bachelor study. It contains a description of any of its parts including functional calculations.

    Conceptual description of the design hanging monorail conveyor type

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    T√©matem t√©to bakal√°Ňôsk√© pr√°ce je z√°vńõsn√Ĺ dopravn√≠k monorail. Pr√°ce obsahuje rozbor hlavn√≠ch ńćast√≠ dopravn√≠ku, postup pŇôi n√°vrhu elektrick√©ho Ňô√≠zen√≠ dopravn√≠ku a reŇ°erŇ°n√≠ rozbor dostupn√© literatury k dan√©mu t√©matu.The theme of this bachelor‚Äôs thesis is overhead monorail conveyor. The thesis includes an analysis of the main parts of the conveyor, description of the design of electric conveyor control and literature that deals with this topic.

    ISPRM discussion paper: Proposing a conceptual description of health-related rehabilitation services.

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    There is a need for a comprehensive classification system of health-related rehabilitation services. For conceptual clarity our aim is to provide a health-related conceptual description of the term rehabilitation service . First, we introduce a common understanding of the term rehabilitation , based on the current definition in the World Health Organization\u27s World Report on Disability, and a conceptual description of rehabilitation agreed upon by international Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine organizations. From a health perspective, rehabilitation can be regarded as a general health strategy with the aim of enabling persons with health conditions experiencing or likely to experience disability to achieve and maintain optimal functioning. Secondly, we distinguish different meanings of the term service , that have originated in management literature. It is important to distinguish between micro, meso and macro level uses of the term service . On a meso level, which is central for the classification of rehabilitation services, 2 aspects of a service, i.e. an offer of an intangible product and an organizational setting in which the offer is upheld, are both essential. The results of this conceptual analysis are used to develop a conceptual description of health-related rehabilitation, which is set out at the end of this paper. This conceptual description may provide the basis of a classification of health-related rehabilitation services, and is open for comments and discussion


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    Indonesia is a country which consists of thousands of islands. One of those islands is Borneo or Kalimantan. Kalimantan is generally divided into four provinces, west, centre, south, and east province. Within those four provinces, occur many languages which are used by its citizen. One of the languages is Bahasa banjar which is mainly used by Banjarese people in south Kalimantan. Connected with the fact above this writings will be discussed about three points, the first is about the varieties of Bahasa banjar, which is seen from the sociolinguistics points of view, the second is about the characteristics of Bahasa banjar in general and the last is the characteristics on each varieties. Every description in this writing is a conceptual description only, every data which is given, and every statement which is given in this writing is only for the understanding of the description of Bahasa banjar

    Perspectives on Pfaffians of Heterotic World-sheet Instantons

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    To fix the bundle moduli of a heterotic compactification one has to understand the Pfaffian one-loop prefactor of the classical instanton contribution. For compactifications on elliptically fibered Calabi-Yau spaces X this can be made explicit for spectral bundles and world-sheet instantons supported on rational base curves b: one can express the Pfaffian in a closed algebraic form as a polynomial, or it may be understood as a theta-function expression. We elucidate the connection between these two points of view via the respective perception of the relevant spectral curve, related to its extrinsic geometry in the ambient space (the elliptic surface in X over b) or to its intrinsic geometry as abstract Riemann surface. We identify, within a conceptual description, general vanishing loci of the Pfaffian, and derive bounds on the vanishing order, relevant to solutions of W=dW=0.Comment: 40 pages; minor changes, discussion section 1.1 adde
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