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    Introduction: The incidence of burnout syndrome in professional nurses are still very high. The incidence of burnout syndrome in Indonesia we can see from the incidence of burnout syndrome in RSAB Harapan Kita, the result of 60 nurses inpatient unit, 20% in the category of high, 55% in the medium category, and 25% for the low category. Nurses who work in the outpatient unit of 60 people, showed 20% for the high category, 61.7% medium category, and 18.3% for the low category. This study was aimed to determine the causes and impact of burnout syndrome in Indonesia and other countries. Method: This was a literatur review that tries to dig more information about the causes and effects of burnout syndrome in nurses by analyzing journal in English and Indonesian that are relevant to the keywords. Result: Burnout syndrome can cause by personal and environment factors. The personal factors consist of personality, expectations, and psychological. Environmental factors consist of a style of leadership, workload, and work environment. Burnout syndrome can lead to a lot of negative things on the nurse. Burnout syndrome can cause infections, turnover, and absenteeism. Burnout syndrome can decrease with belief in self-efficacy. Discussion: Burnout consists of three things emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment. Factors that influence the occurrence of burnout is personal and environmental factors. Improved burnout syndrome in nurses can increase infections both urinary tract infections and surgical wound infections, turnover, absenteeism. Keywords: burnout syndrome, nurse, cause, impac

    Lama Kerja dengan Burnout Syndrome Pada Perawat Pelaksana di Rumah Sakit

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    Nursing profession is required to provide fast and optimal service in making decisions in an environment that is basically full of pressure because it is related to the patient's life. The demands of this job for a long time can cause stress for nurses. Continuous stress can cause burnout syndrome. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between tenure and burnout syndrome in practicing nurses at Prof. Hospital. Dr. R.D. Kandou Manado. The sampling technique used purposive sampling. The Slovin formula is used to determine the sample size. Meanwhile, to assess burnout syndrome using the Maslach Burnout Inventory questionnaire. The results showed that of the 129 respondents, the majority of respondents, 72.1%, worked for less than 6 years or were in the new category of length of service. For Burnout syndrome, there were 45% of respondents who had low Burnout syndrome, 27.9% moderate, 26.3% quite high, and 0.8% had high Burnout syndrome. Meanwhile, the results of the Spearmen rank/rho statistical test showed a p value of .226 > .05, which means that there was no significant relationship between length of work and burnout syndrome in nurses at Prof. RSUP. Dr. R.D Kandou Manado. Recommendations for hospital management to find out the factors that trigger Burnout syndrome in practicing nurses, so as to increase nurse satisfaction in serving so that service quality will increase and ultimately patient satisfaction and safety will be created. Abstrak Profesi perawat dituntut untuk memberikan pelayanan yang cepat dan optimal dalam pengambilan keputusan di tengah lingkungan yang pada dasarnya penuh tekanan karena berhubungan dengan nyawa pasien. Tuntutan pekerjaan ini dalam waktu yang lama dapat mengakibatkan stress bagi perawat. Stress yang terus menerus dapat mengakibatkan Burnout syndrome.  Tujuan penelitian ini untuk mengetahui hubungan lama kerja dengan Burnout syndrome pada perawat pelaksanan di RSUP Prof. Dr. R. D. Kandou Manado. Teknik pengambilan sampel menggunakan purposive sampling. Rumus Slovin digunakan dalam menentukan besaran sampel. Sementara untuk menilai burnout syndrome menggunakan kuesioner Maslach Burnout Inventory. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan dari 129 responden mayoritas  responden 72.1% bekerja kurang dari 6 tahun atau berada pada lama kerja kategori baru. Untuk Burnout syndrome terdapat 45 % responden mengalami Burnout syndrome rendah, 27.9% sedang, 26.3% cukup tinggi, dan 0.8% mengalami Burnout syndrome tinggi. Sementara untuk hasil uji statistik spearmen rank/rho menunjukkan p value .226 > .05 yang berarti tidak terdapat hubungan yang signifikan antara lama kerja dengan Burnout syndrome pada perawat di RSUP Prof. Dr. R.D Kandou Manado. Rekomendasi bagi management rumah sakit untuk mencari tahu faktor-faktor yang memicu terjadinya  Burnout syndrome pada perawat pelaksana, sehingga dapat meningkatkan kepuasan perawat dalam melayani sehingga kualitas pelayanan akan meningkat dan pada akhirnya kepuasan dan keselamatan pasien akan tercipta. Kata kunci : Burnout Syndrome, Lama kerja, Perawat Pelaksan

    Faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Burnout Syndrome pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Tipe II

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    Pasien Diabetes Melitus (DM) merupakan salah satu kelompok yang rentan mengalami Burnout Syndrome. Burnout Syndrome menyebabkan kelelahan fisik, frustasi, keletihan, mental dan emosional. Penyebab burnout syndrome pada pasien DM dapat diakibatkan oleh berbagai faktor. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui faktor-faktor (rutinitas minum obat, rutinitas kontrol ke fasilitas kesehatan, lamanya menderita DM dan dukungan keluarga) yang berhubungan dengan burnout syndrome pada pasien DM tipe II. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian kuantitatif dengan desain cross sectional dilakukan di Puskesmas Simpang Tiga Kota Pekanbaru, dengan melibatkan 67 responden. Instrumen yang digunakan untuk menilai burnout syndrome menggunakan kuesioner Diabetes Burnout Scale, rutinitas minum obat, rutinitas kontrol ke fasilitas kesehatan, lamanya menderita DM dan dukungan keluarga juga menggunakan kuesioner. Analisis yang digunakan adalah analisa univariat dan bivariat dengan uji statistik chi-square. Hasil uji statistik menunjukan terdapat hubungan antara rutinitas minum obat (p value 0,000) dan rutinitas kontrol ke fasilitas kesehatan (p value 0,055) dengan burnout syndrome, sedangkan lama menderita diabetes melitus (p value 0,392) dan dukungan keluarga (p value 0.083) menunjukan tidak ada hubungan dengan burnout syndrome. Peneliti merekomendasikan untuk melakukan penelitian terkait intervensi keperawatan terhadap pasien DM yang mengalami burnout syndrome

    Burnout syndrome prevalence in veterinarians working in Chile

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    Burnout Syndrome is a psycho-emotional syndrome that affects workers in any activity or profession. In recent years, veterinarians have been described as one of the most affected professionals, which has motivated the development of this research. The primary objective of this work was to determine the prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in veterinarians working in Chile. We evaluated the possible correlation of Burnout Syndrome with socio-demographic variables. The Socio-Demographic Characterization Survey and the Maslach Burnout Syndrome Inventory-General Survey (MBI) were applied to 521 participants, who were contacted through the Veterinary Medical Association of Chile (COLMEVET) and social networks. Fisher and Chi-square statistical tests and correspondence analysis were used to determine the association among variables. The prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in Chilean veterinarians was 24% (124/521). There was statistical significance between Burnout Syndrome and the variables ‘years in employment’ and ‘monthly salary’. There is a high prevalence of Burnout Syndrome in veterinarians working in Chile that was related to the variables ‘years in employment’ and ‘monthly salary’. Prevention using psychological therapy could reduce the incidence of symptoms linked to adaptive difficulties, cognitive discrepancies, psychological discomfort, and emotional regulation, promoting health improvement and resistance to Burnout Syndrome in Chilean veterinarians. This research corresponds to the first exploratory study related to the subject in Chil


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    Burnout syndrome in nurses may affect the services to the patients, especially caring. This study was aim to improve caring based on analysis of the burnout syndrome in ward at RSU Haji Surabaya. This study used cross sectional design. The population of this study were 120 nurses at RSU Haji Surabaya, with a sample 92 respondents. This study used cluster sampling technique proportional sampling. The variables were causes of burnout syndrome, burnout syndrome, and caring. The data were collected by using quistionnaires. The data were anlysed by using multiple linear regression anylisis and multinominal logistic regression analysis. The result showed that emotional exhaustion, the dimension of burnout syndrome, affect on caring (p=0,000). Individual factors were age (p=0,000), self efficacy (p=0,035), and work factor namely workload (p=0,011) were affect on emotional exhaustion. The conclusion of this study was emotional exhaustion, which is dimension of burnout syndrome, can affect caring. Based on the findings, researchers recommend to increase caring by refresh about nursing function, do appropriate of nurse shift, on the job training, and make role model in each ward. Further research can discuss about rewards and realocation workload in influencing caring nurses at RSU Haji Surabaya. Key words: individual nurse factors, work environment, burnout syndrome, carin

    Burnout Syndrome in Hospital\u27s Nurses: Causes and Consequences

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    PURPOSE: The purpose of this research was to examine the causes and consequences of Burnout Syndrome among RNs in U.S. hospitals to identify solutions to this problem. METHODS: The methodology was the review of the literature and a semi-structured interview. There were seven primary databases and two websites used in this research, and 35 articles were used for this literature review. RESULTS: Causes and risk factors of burnout syndrome among RNs have been categorized into four major areas: individual, management, organizational, and work characteristics. Burnout syndrome rate among RNs with age under 30 years was 43.6% higher than RNs over 30 was 37.5%. It was found a clear relationship between high patient to nurse ratio to burnout syndrome. The consequences of burnout syndrome were increased turnover rates, poor job performance, and treat patient’s safety. DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION: Burnout syndrome in hospitals among RNs has been a phenomenon prevailed worldwide and an alarming issue that has negatively impacted the quality of care, safety of patients, and contributed to the RN shortage in the healthcare industry

    Burnout syndrome: understanding of medical teaching professionals

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    This study aimed to investigate the understanding of medical teaching professionals about Burnout Syndrome. This is a qualitative, exploratory study, consisting of ten teaching physicians, who work at the hospital of a higher education institution. The data were collected from May to June 2013, through a form with questions pertinent to the proposed research objective, after approval by the Research Ethics Committee (Protocol No. 84022), and analyzed qualitatively, through the content analysis technique (Bardin). Among the 10 participants in the study, eight had adequate knowledge about Burnout Syndrome, while others showed insufficient knowledge. From the empirical material analysis, five thematic categories emerged: Syndrome characterized by physical and psychological exhaustion due to work stress; Physical and psychological signs and symptoms of Burnout Syndrome; Burnout syndrome and its implications for the worker’s health; The most vulnerable workers who develop Burnout Syndrome and Relation of Burnout Syndrome to the work of the teaching physician. The study showed that most participants in the research adequately understand Burnout Syndrome, but the subject is still little explored in academia. Therefore, intervention measures are necessary with the professionals of the risk group and new studies that contribute to expand the knowledge about that syndrome, aiming to improve the quality of life of the workers. Keywords: Worker’s Health; Professional Exhaustion; Doctors; Professors; Work Conditions.   DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3823/239

    Prevalence and determinants of burnout syndrome among primary healthcare physicians in Qatar

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    Background: General practitioners (GPs) in particular are prone to developing burnout syndrome, as they are frequently overloaded with the demands of caring for sick patients. This study was conducted to estimate the prevalence of burnout syndrome among primary healthcare physicians in Qatar, and to identify its determinants. Methods: A cross-sectional survey targeting all GPs working in 21 primary healthcare centres in Qatar was conducted by using a self-administered Astudillo and Mendinueta questionnaire that covered socio-demographic data and job characteristics of the physician. It included a list of symptoms of burnout syndrome. Burnout syndrome assessment scores were calculated as a summation of answers to all 16 items, with a total minimum score of 0 and a total maximum score of 48. Physicians who scored more than 19 were classified as burned out. Results: Out of the 230 GPs recruited, 183 responded, which represents a response rate of 79.5%. Of all the GPs, 12.6% were burned out. The burnout syndrome was higher among female GPs (28.1%) than male GPs (6.9%). This difference was statistically significant (p-value < 0.001). In terms of nationality, 37.8% of the Qatari GPs were burned out, compared to 11.6% of the foreign GPs (p-value < 0.004). Burnout syndrome was reversibly associated with years of experience and age. Fatigue, the use of analgesics and irritability were the most common symptoms. Conclusion: Burnout syndrome is common among female and young GPs working in primary healthcare centres in Qatar. The improvement of GPs’ coping skills and their work conditions are recommended to prevent burnout.Keywords: burnout syndrome; primary healthcare; physician; Qatar; prevalence; determinant

    Hubungan Stres Kerja dengan Burnout Syndrome di Masa Pandemi Covid-19 pada Perawat

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    Kemunculan pandemi COVID-19 seiring dengan berjalannya waktu terus mengalami peningkatan jumlah pasien yang terkonfirmasi. Tingginya kasus tersebut tentunya akan mempengaruhi kondisi perawat sebagai tenaga kesehatan. RSUD Dr Ratulangi Tondano sendiri merupakan salah satu rumah sakit yang merawat pasien terkonfirmasi di Sulawesi Utara, hal tersebut tak jarang menimbulkan Stres saat bekerja hingga tanpa disadari perawat bisa mengalami burnout syndrome. Penelitian ini untuk mengetahui hubungan stres kerja dengan burnout syndrome dimasa pandemi COVID-19 pada perawat RSUD Dr Sam Ratulangi Tondano. Penelitian ini adalah penelitian deskriptif kuantitatif dengan desain penelitian menggunakan cross-sectional design. Lokasi penelitian di RSUD Dr Sam Ratulangi Tondano dengan pengambilan data menggunakan purposive sampling n = 40 responden, pengambilan data menggunakan kuesioner. Penelitian ini menggunakan uji korelasi Spearman. Hasil analisis mengenai hubungan antara stres kerja dan burnout syndrome didapatkan P = 0,001 dengan nilai korelasi = 0,518. Terdapat hubungan antara Stres kerja dengan burnout syndrome di masa pandemi COVID-19 dimana semakin tinggi tingkat stres kerja maka akan mempengaruhi kejadian burnout syndrome
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