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    Cruzando la Barrera

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    Improving Service Delivery Through Provider Training: A Process Evaluation of the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System “Commitment to SERVE” Workshop

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    As the customer-focused management strategies gradually advances into all of the VISNs [Veterans Integrated Service Networks], the Veterans Health Administration in Palo Alto, California implemented a customer service training program for employees to meet the diverse and complex needs of its customers. This research will analyze whether participants in this training, known as Commitment to SERVE, believe that it is achieving its goal. In other words, does the Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System (VAPAHCS) staff perceive the Commitment to SERVE workshop as a beneficial customer service training program

    USA v. Barrera

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    United States District Court for the District of New Jerse

    Limiting behavior of the search cost distribution for the move-to-front rule in the stable case

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    Move-to-front rule is a heuristic updating a list of n items according to requests. Items are required with unknown probabilities (or popularities). The induced Markov chain is known to be ergodic. One main problem is the study of the distribution of the search cost dened as the position of the required item. Here we first establish the link between two recent papers that both extend results proved by Kingman on the expected stationary search cost. Combining results contained in these papers, we obtain the limiting behavior for any moments of the stationary seach cost as n tends to innity
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