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    Experimental Demonstration of a Structured Material with Extreme Effective Parameters at Microwaves

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    Following our recent theoretical studies [M. G. Silveirinha, C. A. Fernandes, Phys. Rev. B, 78, 033108, 2008], it is experimentally verified that an array of crossed metallic wires may behave as a nonresonant material with extremely large index of refraction at microwaves, and may enable the realization of ultra-subwavelength waveguides.Comment: accepted for publication in Applied Physics Letters (in press). Applied Physics Letters (in press) (2008

    Surface oxide on thin films of yttrium hydride studied by neutron reflectometry

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    The applicability of standard methods for compositional analysis is limited for H-containing films. Neutron reflectometry is a powerful, non-destructive method that is especially suitable for these systems due to the large negative scattering length of H. In this work we demonstrate how neutron reflectometry can be used to investigate thin films of yttrium hydride. Neutron reflectometry gives a strong contrast between the film and the surface oxide layer, enabling us to estimate the oxide thickness and oxygen penetration depths. A surface oxide layer of 5-10 nm thickness was found for unprotected yttrium hydride films
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