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    The economic impact of Biotechnology in New England

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    New England’s biotechnology industry is comprised of about 1,134 businesses, which employ a total of 94,107 workers. These establishments generated 21.0billioninsalesin2002,whichprovided21.0 billion in sales in 2002, which provided 7.2 billion in wages and salaries. When multiplier effects (i.e., indirect impacts) are included, the biotechnology industry contributed about 35.7billioninoutputtotheNewEnglandregion.Throughdirectandindirectimpactsontheirrespectivestateeconomies,thebiotechnologyestablishmentssupportatotalof221,390jobs,whichpaid35.7 billion in output to the New England region. Through direct and indirect impacts on their respective state economies, the biotechnology establishments support a total of 221,390 jobs, which paid 13.0 billion in wages and salaries to workers across New England