Electro-Osmotic Blood Flow of Shear-Thinning Fluid with Hall Current and Wall Flexibility


The presented article aims to present the flow of blood in microchannels such as veins and arteries via peristaltic flow.  The magnetic field is imposed to regulate the flow as laminar. Also, its impacts in terms of Hall current have been considered. The rate of heat transfer is further based on Joule heating and viscous dissipation aspects. Mathematical analysis has been conducted given long wavelength and small Reynolds number. Such preferences are relatable to the medical domain where the magnetic field regulates the flow stream and aids in the melting of blood clots in patients with various heart diseases. The solution for electric potential is calculated analytically while the velocity, temperature, and heat transfer rate are executed directly via the built-in command of Mathematica software. Since the magnetic field acts as an opposing force. Results show that the velocity and temperature are decreasing functions of the magnetic field. However, the temperature is increasing for Weissenberg number

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This paper was published in Science, Engineering and Technology.

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