Dynamics and Bifurcation for One Non-linear System


In this paper, we observed the ordinary differential equation (ODE) system and determined the equilibrium points. To characterize them, we used the existing theory developed to visualize the behavior of the system. We describe the bifurcation that appears, which is characteristic of higher-dimensional systems, that is when a fixed point loses its stability without colliding with other points. Although it is difficult to determine the whole series of bifurcations that lead to chaos, we can say that it is a common opinion that it is precisely the Hopf bifurcation that leads to chaos when it comes to situations that occur in applications. Here, subcritical and supercritical bifurcation occurs, and we can say that subcritical bifurcation represents a much more dramatic situation and is potentially more dangerous than supercritical bifurcation, technically speaking. Namely, bifurcations or trajectories jump to a distant attractor, which can be a fixed point, limit cycle, infinity, or in spaces with three or more dimensions, a foreign attractor

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This paper was published in Science, Engineering and Technology.

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