Perspectives on Poetic Language Construction of Identity through Language


The present research article aims to investigate the intricate tapestry of language and its profound role in shaping and conveying human identity. One of the most pivotal movements in the intellectual history of the twentieth century revolves around the exploration and understanding of language and its fundamental roles in the human experience. Since the dawn of civilization, language has served as the conduit for narrating, preserving, and influencing the multifaceted dimensions of human experience. It stands as a reflection and assertion of individual and collective identity, offering insights into the diverse ways through which human beings perceive, interact with, and interpret the world around them. This article embarks on a comprehensive examination of the burgeoning human interest in language, transcending its functional use as a mere tool for communication. It scrutinizes the significant transformation in the conceptualization of language, primarily initiated in the twentieth century, wherein language evolved to be seen not just as a medium of communication but as a crucial construct that interlaces with diverse dimensions of human existence and identity. The study delves into various facets of language, encompassing its poetic dimensions, which provide a rich, multi-layered platform for the exploration and expression of identity. Drawing on interdisciplinary perspectives, the article explores the symbiotic relationship between language and identity, acknowledging the myriad ways through which language informs, shapes, and is shaped by human identity. It investigates the poetic construction of language, unveiling the nuanced ways in which language, particularly in its poetic form, serves as a powerful instrument for the articulation and construction of identity. There is a dynamic interplay between language and identity, providing a robust foundation for future research and exploration in the realm of language studies, with a particular focus on its poetic dimensions and its role in the construction of identity. The paper seeks to contribute to the ongoing discourse on language, adding depth and breadth to the understanding of its multifarious roles in the human experience, particularly in the context of identity construction through poetic language

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