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1ジュ アタリ ヨウリョウ ト エンドウ フクイン ノ チガイ ガ カジュエン ノ ヒカリ カンキョウ ヨウソウ ノ ジュンコウゴウセイ ソクド オヨビ エンチ アタリ ヨウソウ ジュンコウゴウセイ リョウ ニ オヨボス エイキョウ : モデル シュホウ オ モチイタ カイセキ


Effects of foliage biomass amounts per tree or orchard road widths (ORWs) on orchard light environment, leaf net photosynthetic rates and amounts of photosynthates per orchard land area were investigated. In each crown model group (CMG), total 375 crown models were designed to possess fifteen grades of leafy block number per 3D grid (NLB). Total 33,750 orchard models were made by combining these crown models with nine grades of orchard road width (ORW). Light environment in their leaf layers and the photosynthesis of these orchard models were analyzed using OLEAS (Yamamoto, 1999). Daily means of leaf PPFD on a clear day (CDMPPFD) in August and that on an overcast day (ODMPPFD) remarkably decreased by increases of the NLB. High and negative correlations were found between both CDMPPFDs and ODMPPFDs and several characteristics of canopy shape. CDMPPFDs, ODMPPFDs, the leaf net photosynthetic rates on a clear day (CDMPNs) and that on an overcast day (ODMPNs) decreased as the ORWs shortened. When leaf area index per orchard was used as a standard, CDMPPFDs, ODMPPFDs, CDMPNs, ODMPNs, amounts of net photosynthate per orchard land area on a clear day (CDMPNOs) and that on an overcast day (ODMPNOs) were compared between the ten CMGs. Clear differences in these values were found between the CMGs. Using these data above-mentioned, values of CDMPNO and NLB were estimated which were correspondent to three plans for fruit production, viz. slight fruits with excellent quality, moderate fruits with good quality and many fruits with ordinary quality

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This paper was published in Yamagata University Academic Repository.

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