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The definition of a farmers market is “a food market at which local farmers sell fruit and vegetables and often meat, cheese, and bakery products directly to consumers.” Within this definition there is both simplicity and connection. In deciding to create branding for my market, Atlanta Farmers Market, simplicity and relational connection were the values I wanted my designs to communicate. I have grown up with an appreciation for the hardworking vendors at farmers markets and the community a market has the ability to create. Maybe it’s just the romanticism of the mundane in films, or maybe it’s a reality of the flourishing environment created when people come together to share their passions with each other. Either way, my affinity with this environment has combined with my desire to create things that look beautiful together. This is why I chose to create branding for both the market as a whole and individual vendors of honey, flowers, and bread. I wanted all of the logos, business cards, posters, pictures to speak to their own vendor’s talents and individuality, and work well together to make a successful group under the market’s umbrella. Throughout most of my work I am interested in the human experience, specifically in relation to the impact we have on each other, and how we move through change and dealing with our past. I have used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in combination with photography to create my work, and I have an appreciation for both the practical side of graphic design, like branding, logos, etc. and the artistic side of graphic design like collage. My concept for this body of work was to create simple and straightforward design that still had an artistic quality to it; I wanted the work to still communicate artistic effort behind it even if it was simple. I chose my color palette to be warm and inviting while also playing on colors that could be pulled from nature. These qualities both serve to emphasize the handgrown and handmade aspects of the products being sold in the market, and to create a simple path to connection with the company and vendors, therefore building trust. One of the most admirable parts of a farmers market is that you as the customer get to meet and interact with the person or people who have made or grown this product, are passionate about it, and are open with how they got here. This level of understanding people and why they are doing what they are doing is something that is easily accessible in the farmers market environment. The ease of getting to know someone is what I wanted my designs to communicate and make a way to happen.

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