A simple encoder scheme for distributed residual video coding.


Rate-Distortion (RD) performance of Distributed Video Coding (DVC) is considerably less than that of conventional predictive video coding. In order to reduce the performance gap, many methods and techniques have been proposed to improve the coding efficiency of DVC with increased system complexity, especially techniques employed at the encoder such as encoder mode decisions, optimal quantization, hash methods etc., no doubt increase the complexity of the encoder. However, low complexity encoder is a widely desired feature of DVC. In order to improve the coding efficiency while maintaining low complexity encoder, this paper focuses on Distributed Residual Video Coding (DRVC) architecture and proposes a simple encoder scheme. The main contributions of this paper are as follows: 1) propose a bit plane block based method combined with bit plane re-arrangement to improve the dependency between source and Side Information (SI), and meanwhile, to reduce the amount of data to be channel encoded 2) present a simple iterative dead-zone quantizer with 3 levels in order to adjust quantization from coarse to fine. The simulation results show that the proposed scheme outperforms DISCOVER scheme for low to medium motion video sequences in terms of RD performance, and maintains a low complexity encoder at the same time

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