Backward pion photoproduction


We present a systematic analysis of backward pion photoproduction for the reactions γ \gamma p \rightarrow π0 \pi^{0}_{} p and γ \gamma p \rightarrow π+ \pi^{+}_{} n . Regge phenomenology is applied at invariant collision energies above 3GeV in order to fix the reaction amplitude. A comparision with older data on π0 \pi^{0}_{} - and π+ \pi^{+}_{} -photoproduction at ϑ \vartheta = 180° indicates that the high-energy limit as given by the Regge calculation could be reached possibly at energies of around s \sqrt{{s}} ≃ 3 GeV. In the energy region of s \sqrt{{s}} \le2.5 GeV, covered by the new measurements of γ \gamma p \rightarrow π0 \pi^{0}_{} p differential cross-sections at large angles at ELSA, JLab, and LEPS, we see no clear signal for a convergence towards the Regge results. The baryon trajectories obtained in our analysis are in good agreement with those given by the spectrum of excited baryons

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