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The <i>pil1</i> locus of <i>S. gallolyticus</i> strain UCN34.


<p>(A) Schematic representation of the <i>pil1</i> operon constituted of three genes: <i>pilA</i>, encoding the pilus adhesin, <i>pilB</i> encoding the major pilin and <i>srtC</i>, encoding the sortase required for pilus polymerization. Relevant domains are: COL, collagen-binding domain (Pfam 05737); and LPXTG, cell wall-anchoring domain. The P<i>pil1</i> promoter, the premature terminator upstream <i>pilA</i> and the putative terminator (hairpin structures) downstream <i>srtC</i> delineating the <i>pil1</i> operon are indicated. (B) Schematic representation of the intergenic region <i>gallo2180-pilA</i> with the 22 GCAGA repeats striped in gray and white and the stem-loop structure. (C) Determination of transcription start sites (TSS) of the <i>pil1</i> operon by primer extension analysis. The band indicated as “+1” corresponds to the location upstream the leader peptide gene is the likely TSS of the <i>pil1</i> operon; the band marked as “*” is located within one inverted repeat of the stem-loop structure and is likely generated by a pause of the RNA polymerase during elongation. (D) Nucleotide sequence of the intergenic region <i>gallo2180-pilA</i> showing the -35 and -10 promoter boxes and the +1 site, the leader peptide coding sequence with the 22 GCAGA repeats, the downstream stem-loop structure, the <i>pilA</i> initiator codon and the predicted ribosome binding site (RBS). (E) The predicted secondary structure of the stem-loop transcription terminator identified upstream ATG<i><sub>pilA</sub></i> (according to The mfold WebServer, <a href="" target="_blank"></a>).</p

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