MISR Level 1B1 Local Mode Radiance Data (MIB1LM_V2)


The results of two types of processing are included in this product. First, the Radiance Scaling operation converts the camera's digital number output to a measure of energy incident on the front optical surface. The measurement is expressed in units called radiance (energy per unit area, wavelength, and solid angle) as defined by the International Standard (SI). Second, Radiance Conditioning modifies the radiances to remove instrument-dependent effects. Specifically, image sharpening is applied, and focal-plane scattering is removed. Additionally, all radiances are adjusted to remove slight spectral sensitivity differences among the 1504 detector elements of each spectral band and each camera. In addition to the Level 1B1 radiometric product for MISR's Global Mode imagery, there is a separate Level 1B1 product for each high-resolution Local Mode scene. The Radiometric Product contains spectral radiances for all MISR channels (four spectral bands and nine cameras). Each radiance value represents the incident radiance averaged over the sensor's total band response. Processing includes both radiance scaling and conditioning steps. Radiance scaling converts the Level 1A data from digital counts to radiances using coefficients derived in combination with the On-Board Calibrator (OBC) and vicarious calibrations. The OBC contains Spectralon calibration panels which are deployed monthly and reflect sunlight into the cameras. The OBC detector standards then measure this reflected light to provide the calibration. Vicarious field campaigns are conducted less frequently but provide an independent methodology useful for reducing systematic errors. Radiance conditioning removes undesirable instrument effects. Image enhancement is provided by deconvolving the scene with the sensor's point-spread-function. Additionally, in-band scaling adjusts the reported radiances to correspond to a nominal band response profile. This frees the Level 2 software from the need to correct for detector element non-uniformities. No out-of-band correction is done for this product, nor are the data geometrically corrected or resampled at this point. In summary, the Level 1B1 Product contains the Data Numbers (DNs) radiometrically-scaled to radiances with no geometric resampling. [Temporal_Coverage: Start_Date=2000-02-24; Stop_Date=] [Spatial_Coverage: Southernmost_Latitude=-90; Northernmost_Latitude=90; Westernmost_Longitude=-180; Easternmost_Longitude=180] [Data_Resolution: Latitude_Resolution=275 m for red band only; Longitude_Resolution=275 m for red band only; Temporal_Resolution=about 15 orbits/day]

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