MISR Level 2 Surface parameters (MIL2ASLS_V1)


The Land Surface data include bihemispherical and directional-hemispherical reflectances (albedo), hemispherical directional and bidirectional reflectance factors (BRF), BRF model parameters, leaf-area index (LAI), fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (FPAR), and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) on a 1.1 km grid. The land surface data include hemispherical directional reflectance factor, bihemispherical reflectance (i.e., albedo), bidirectional reflectance factor, directional hemispherical reflectance, BRF model parameters, FPAR, and terrain-referenced view and illumination angles. [Location=GLOBAL LAND] [Temporal_Coverage: Start_Date=2000-02-24; Stop_Date=] [Spatial_Coverage: Southernmost_Latitude=-90; Northernmost_Latitude=90; Westernmost_Longitude=-180; Easternmost_Longitude=180] [Data_Resolution: Latitude_Resolution=1.1 km - 17.6 km; Longitude_Resolution=1.1 km - 17.6 km; Horizontal_Resolution_Range=1 km - < 10 km or approximately .01 degree - < .09 degree; Temporal_Resolution=about 15 orbits/day]

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