CORE Plugin

CORE Plugin can be integrated with repositories to provide recommendations on semantically related resources. The Plugin is easily integratable with any repository as it only needs Javascript.

The current version of the Plugin recommends full-text items in Open Access repositories that are related to: (a) a metadata record, (b) a full-text item in pdf, (c) any piece of text, or (d) any combination of the previous. The more information is supplied the more accurate is the result. In the past, CORE required the resource that is used as a query to be available also as Open Access. This is no longer the requirement, but it is still a good practice.

To use the plugin, you can either use our EPrints Bazaar plugin or our JavaScript API.

Eprints Bazaar

Your repository software needs to be EPrints >= 3.3 - If you have an older version of EPrints you will not have the Bazaar store. You will either have to upgrade EPrints, or use our Javascript API.

The Bazaar package is the quickest way of installing the plugin. It uses the same API mentioned below, but requires less configuration.

  1. Request an API Key
  2. In you EPrints install, go to the EPrints Bazaar Admin page and search for 'CORE Widget' and install
  3. Once installed, go to the CORE Widget Configure page and find the line

  4. Replace InsertKeyHere with the API key we will send you.

  5. Save the file, and reload the Configuration.
  6. In Admin->System Tools, regenerate the abstracts and views.
  7. Visit a document in your repository and see CORE's suggested similar documents.

If you do not have EPrints => 3.3 or would prefer to have the power to customise the look of the plugin, please view our Javascript API.

Javascript API

Please request an API Key. Please also mention that you require the Plugin Files.

The CORE Plugin consists of four files: index.htm, jquery.coreWidget.js, jquery.coreWidget.css, jquery-1.6.2.min.js.

The plugin can be installed by placing the following part of the index.html file into your page, by specifying the path to the javascript and css files and by correctly setting the parameters of the call. The parameters oai and URL define the document with respect to which the recommendations are provided. We suggest to use either oai or URL. If the document has not yet been harvested by CORE, the system will try to access the pdf copy at the location specified by the URL parameter. It is therefore important that the specified URL is public. If the document is not associated with a full-text, the CORE Plugin can still be used (but the result is likely to be less precise than when using full-text). Just specify any number of tthe parameters. The more information is provided, the better result you will get. Finally, it is necessary to specify your API key which you can freely obtain by contacting us. More information is provided here.

Then in the body, specify a div into which the plugin will be loaded.

The style of the Plugin can be adapted to your repository needs in the jquery.coreWidget.css The jquery.coreWidget.js allows adapting the layout of the Plugin, however, we ask users not to change the information in the footer and its appearance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any problems when integrating the CORE Plugin,