Affecting the function of the central part of the auditory system of the adult rat by a brief noise exposure during development


ln my the:!i" I aimed to dwal:teriu t.hc dumges in neuronil mvi'Y in tbe tenUlll nucleus of !hl' inferior coIlleulus (CIC) in ..:Iult fllI who ..ffertd fium a lack ohuditory stimulatiOll dl.lling their postnatal dcvdopment ""'..... by the Illmponry i~ase of auditory bearing thresholds after bOef noise e:o:poawe Oll postnItaJ day 14 (broad-bllrKl noise, US dB SPL., 11 min). AI the age of 3-6 IJlOI\tbs, lhe rtSpon5eII ofindividual neurons in tbc CIC 10 :taJnd wtre rcoordod in tb_ animall .nd eompared witb thoseoh~a\l;hcd eontrols. We foood lhal tbe neuronal response tbresholds were sinůlll" in tbe exposed and eontrol animals. However, tbe responJe propenies of high-frequtnCy neuronJ in the exposed rau had characteristic.s typical of the immature auditory system, Le. significantly widtr excitatory response II"talI (which indicatel impairod frcquoncy selectivity), a loogcr fil"Jl-spikc latcfJ(:y, a u.rrower dynamie range, lower maximum rcspon.<;c magniludes, a SUleper ,Iope nf tbc rare-inlensily flmClionllnd a lignifiClnLly lo"",r percelllage of monotonie neuron!. On the basis of thelle !inding" we investignled wllelher the reponed alterallon! nf neuronal relponlivenesl are llso Rccompanied by abnonnal behavioral responses 10 toUnd. The resoll howed a reduced strengtl1 nf the acousbc litanie reflex..

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