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Twistor theory and the K.P. equations

By S. Barge


In this thesis, we discuss a geometric construction analogous to the Ward correspondence for the KP equations. We propose a Dirac operator based on the inverse scattering transform for the KP-II equation and discuss the similarities and differences to the Ward correspondence. We also consider the KP-I equation, describing a geometric construction for a certain class of solutions. We also discuss the general inverse scattering of the equation, how this is related to the KP-II equation and the problems with describing a single geometric construction that incorporates both equations. We also consider the Davey-Stewartson equations, which have a similar behaviour. We demonstrate explicitly the problems of localising the theory with generic boundary conditions. We also present a reformulation of the Dirac operator and demonstrate a duality between the Dirac operator and the first Lax operator for the DS-II equations. We then proceed to generalise the Dirac operator construction to generate other integrable systems. These include the mKP and Ishimori equations, and an extension to the KP and mKP hierarchies

Topics: Partial differential equations, Quantum theory, Relativity and gravitational theory
Year: 1999
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