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Determination of magnetic order of the rare-earth ions in multiferroic TbMn2O5.

By R.D. Johnson, S.R. Bland, C. Mazzoli, T.A.W. Beale, C.H. Du, C. Detlefs, S.B. Wilkins and P.D. Hatton


We have employed resonant x-ray magnetic scattering to specifically probe the magnetic order of the rare-earth ions in multiferroic TbMn2O5. Two energy resonances were observed, one originated from the E1-E1 dipolar transition and the other from the E2-E2 quadrupolar transition. These resonances directly probe the valence 5d band and the partially occupied 4f band, respectively. First, full polarization analysis, which is a measurement of the scattered polarization as a function of incident polarization, confirmed a spin polarization of the terbium valence states (probed by the E1-E1 transition) by the Mn4+ spin density in the commensurate phase. Second, full polarization analysis data were collected in the low-temperature incommensurate and commensurate phases when tuned to the E2-E2 resonance. By employing a least-squares fitting procedure, the spin orientations of the terbium ion sublattice were refined

Topics: X-ray-scattering, Resonant exchange scattering, Polarization dependence, Neutron-diffraction, Phase-transitions, Quadrupolar, Plates, Edge.
Publisher: American Physical Society
Year: 2008
DOI identifier: 10.1103/PhysRevB.78.104407
OAI identifier: oai:dro.dur.ac.uk.OAI2:10268

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