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Mersenne Numbers: consolidated results

By Guy McCrossan Haworth, Steve Holmes, David Hunt, Tom Lake and Stewart Reddaway


This document provides and comments on the results of the Lucas-Lehmer testing and/or partial factorisation of all Mersenne Numbers Mp = 2^p-1 where p is prime and less than 100,000. Previous computations have either been confirmed or corrected.\ud \ud The LLT computations on the ICL DAP is the first implementation of Fast-Fermat-Number-Transform multiplication in connection with Mersenne Number testing.\ud \ud This paper championed the disciplines of systematically testing the Mp, and of double-sourcing results which were not manifestly correct. Both disciplines were adopted by the later GIMPS initiative, the 'Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search, which was itself one of the first web-based distributed-community projects. \u

Publisher: Guy Haworth (first author)
Year: 1986
OAI identifier: oai:centaur.reading.ac.uk:5948

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