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A Comment on opt-AINet: An Immune Network Algorithm for Optimisation

By Jon Timmis and Camilla Edmonds


Verifying the published results of algorithms is part of the usual research process. This helps to both validate the existing literature, but also quite often allows for new insights and augmentations of current systems in a methodological manner. This is very pertinent in emerging new areas such as Artificial Immune Systems, where it is essential that any algorithm is well understood and investigated. The work presented in this paper results from an investigation into the opt-aiNET algorithm, a well-known immune inspired algorithm for function optimisation. Using the original source code developed for opt-aiNET, this paper identifies two minor errors within the code, propose a slight augmentation of the algorithm to automate the process of peak identification: all of which affect the performance of the algorithm. Results are presented for testing of the existing algorithm and in addition, for a slightly modified version, which takes into account some of the issues discovered during the investigations

Topics: QA76
Publisher: Springer
Year: 2004
OAI identifier:

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