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Prime ideals in the quantum grassmanian

By Stephane Launois, T.H. Lenagan and L. Rigal


We consider quantum Schubert cells in the quantum grassmannian and give a cell decomposition of the prime spectrum via the Schubert cells. As a consequence, we show that all primes are completely prime in the generic case where the deformation parameter q is not a root of unity. There is a natural torus action of H = (k*)(n) on the quantum grassmannian O-q(G(m,n)(k)) and the cell decomposition of the set of H-primes leads to a parameterisation of the H-spectrum via certain diagrams on partitions associated to the Schubert cells. Interestingly, the same parameterisation occurs for the nonnegative cells in recent studies concerning the totally nonnegative grassmannian. Finally, we use the cell decomposition to establish that the quantum grassmannian satisfies normal separation and catenarity

Topics: QA150, QA165, QA
Year: 2008
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