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Missing record: The case for recording ethnicity at birth and death registration.

By Peter J. Aspinall, Bobbie Jacobsen and G.M. Polato


The Government’s new consultation on what information should be recorded at birth, marriage and death registration provides an unprecedented opportunity for us to correct a key omission in what is currently recorded. At present neither birth nor death registration requires\ud any information on ethnicity to be recorded. We summarise below the evidence the London Health Observatory (LHO) has reviewed in support of the case for the recording of ethnicity at birth and death. Without this information we cannot understand the health and health care needs of minority ethnic communities, and neither can we plan for\ud appropriate public services such as schools, housing and transport that underpin good health. With this summary we are issuing a call for action from the LHO and London Health Commission for all agencies who are committed to tackling ethnic inequalities in health to submit their own\ud evidence - alongside ours - to the government, to correct this omission for the future. We hope this document provides you with the information you need to submit your own perspective based on our evidence. This action will not only help to make visible the health needs of our\ud growing, diverse communities, but will also ensure that the way is paved for a more equal Britain

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Publisher: London Health Observatory
Year: 2003
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