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Laura White: Scratching Walls and Sticky Decor

By Laura White and HASH(0x7f65a7d0b9a8)


Chromodomo: A Series of 3 Solo exhibitions.\ud Artists: Laura White, Erwin Wurm and Spencer Finch. \ud \ud First of the solo series - Laura White. 20 September - 18 October 2009.\ud \ud The Wall House #2 A.J. Lutulistraat 17, 9728 WT Groningen, the Netherlands.\ud \ud Chromodomo included a number of other exhibitions and events in Groningen - at the Academie Minerva Zuiderdiep, Academie Minerva Praediniussingel, Kunstruimte. ( Broad based audience that attracted the population of Groningen and an international audience. Widely publicized and attended. \ud Private view of Laura White exhibition was also the launch of the Chromodomo. Buses were provided from Academie Minerva Praediniussingel to transport public to Wall House.\ud \ud Chromodomo - Laura White, 
'Scratching Walls and Sticky Décor.'
20 September - 18 October 2009.\ud \ud Launch of Chromodoma and private view for Laura White:
'Scratching Walls and Sticky Decor'
 20th Sept 2009. \ud \ud Publication :CHROMODOMO. Published by Wandelroute T.G.V, Groningen, Netherlands,\ud \ud Exhibition Description:
 Everything we have in our household is coloured, ranging from the cleaning cloths and sponges to the tableware. From our clothes to the fly curtain, not to mention the unrequested and often undesired advertising leaflets or packs of fruit juice. It is primarily the colourful nature of this world, which has become self-evident to us, that Laura White researches and uses in her installation for Chromodomo. 
White blurs the boundaries between the existing interior, the furniture, and the new items she introduces. She creates compilations of objects with which we are thoroughly familiar, in combination with added constructions made of clay, among other things. The installation in the Wall House acquires extra significance due to the fact that White draws inspiration from the remarkably awkward drawings by John Hejduk, the architect of the Wall House, featuring animals with masks and strange angels, occasionally with reed aprons. Keeping these drawings in mind, White researches the Wall House via Hejduk’s universe. Tables may wear aprons, and by means of the mounds of clay she pulls the ‘outside’ inside once again. Hejduk would have been most amused. \ud By Kie Ellen, Director of The Wall House #2

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