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Poly[di-μ3-chlorido-di-μ2-chlorido-{μ4-N,N,N′,N′-tetra­kis­[(diphenyl­phosphan­yl)meth­yl]benzene-1,4-diamine-κ4 P:P′:P′′:P′′′}tetra­copper(II)]

By Jia-Qin Liu, Yan Zhang, Ya-Jing Lü and Zhen-Jü Jiang


In the title complex, [Cu4Cl4(C58H52N2P4)]n, four CuII atoms are held together via two doubly bridging and two triply bridging chlorides, forming a stair-like Cu4Cl4 core having crystallographically imposed inversion symmetry, while the benzene-1,4-diamine ligand (with a crystallographic inversion center at the centroid) acts in a tetra­dentate coordination mode, bridging two adjacent Cu4Cl4 cores, resulting in a chain along the a-axis direction. One Cu atom has a distorted tetra­hedral geometry, coordinated by one P atom, one μ2-Cl and two μ3-Cl atoms, while the second Cu atom adopts a trigonal geometry, coordinated by one P atom, one μ2-Cl and one μ3-Cl atoms

Topics: Metal-Organic Papers
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
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