A versatile synthesis method of dendrites-free segmented nanowires with a precise size control


We report an innovative strategy to obtain cylindrical nanowires combining well established and low-cost bottom-up methods such as template-assisted nanowires synthesis and electrodeposition process. This approach allows the growth of single-layer or multi-segmented nanowires with precise control over their length (from few nanometers to several micrometers). The employed techniques give rise to branched pores at the bottom of the templates and consequently dendrites at the end of the nanowires. With our method, these undesired features are easily removed from the nanowires by a selective chemical etching. This is crucial for magnetic characterizations where such non-homogeneous branches may introduce undesired features into the final magnetic response. The obtained structures show extremely narrow distributions in diameter and length, improved robustness and high-yield, making this versatile approach strongly compatible with large scale production at an industrial level. Finally, we show the possibility to tune accurately the size of the nanostructures and consequently provide an easy control over the magnetic properties of these nanostructures

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