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Epidemiology of Human Parvovirus 4 Infection in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Colin P. Sharp, Marion Vermeulen, Yacouba Nébié, Cyrille F. Djoko, Matthew LeBreton, Ubald Tamoufe, Anne W. Rimoin, Patrick K. Kayembe, Jean K. Carr, Annabelle Servant-Delmas, Syria Laperche, G.L. Abby Harrison, Oliver G. Pybus, Eric Delwart, Nathan D. Wolfe, Andrew Saville, Jean-Jacques Lefrère and Peter Simmonds


Human parvovirus 4 infections are primarily associated with parenteral exposure in western countries. By ELISA, we demonstrate frequent seropositivity for antibody to parvovirus 4 viral protein 2 among adult populations throughout sub-Saharan Africa (Burkina Faso, 37%; Cameroon, 25%; Democratic Republic of the Congo, 35%; South Africa, 20%), which implies existence of alternative transmission routes

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Publisher: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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