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Global Oxygen Detection in Water Using Luminescent Probe on Anodized Aluminum

By Hirotaka Sakaue, Tatsuya Ozaki and Hitoshi Ishikawa


We have developed anodized-aluminum pressure-sensitive paint (AA-PSP) as a global oxygen sensor in water. Platinum (II) meso-tetra(pentafluorophenyl)porphine is selected as a luminophore based on a dipping deposition study. The developed AA-PSP is characterized using water calibration setup by controlling dissolved oxygen concentration. It is shown that AA-PSP yields 4.0% change in luminescence per 1 mg/L of oxygen concentration at 23°C. Other characteristics, such as temperature dependency, photo-degradation, and physical stability, are discussed in this paper. This AA-PSP is used to demonstrate its capability of global oxygen detection in water using the impingement of oxygen rich water (20 mg/L). Even though the difference in water is only the concentration of oxygen, we can obtain global oxygen information of the jet impingement using a fast frame rate camera. Oxygen maps as well as cross-sectional distributions are shown every 0.1 s

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Publisher: Molecular Diversity Preservation International (MDPI)
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