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Game and Balance Multicast Architecture Algorithms for Sensor Grid

By Qingfeng Fan, Qiongli Wu, Frèdèric Magoulés, Naixue Xiong, Athanasios V. Vasilakos and Yanxiang He


We propose a scheme to attain shorter multicast delay and higher efficiency in the data transfer of sensor grid. Our scheme, in one cluster, seeks the central node, calculates the space and the data weight vectors. Then we try to find a new vector composed by linear combination of the two old ones. We use the equal correlation coefficient between the new and old vectors to find the point of game and balance of the space and data factorsbuild a binary simple equation, seek linear parameters, and generate a least weight path tree. We handled the issue from a quantitative way instead of a qualitative way. Based on this idea, we considered the scheme from both the space and data factor, then we built the mathematic model, set up game and balance relationship and finally resolved the linear indexes, according to which we improved the transmission efficiency of sensor grid. Extended simulation results indicate that our scheme attains less average multicast delay and number of links used compared with other well-known existing schemes

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