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Cloning and Expression Analysis of the Bombyx mori α-amylase Gene (Amy) from the Indigenous Thai Silkworm Strain, Nanglai

By Nipaporn Ngernyuang, Isao Kobayashi, Amornrat Promboon, Sunanta Ratanapo, Toshiki Tamura and Lertluk Ngernsiri


α-Amylase is a common enzyme for hydrolyzing starch. In the silkworm, Bombyx mori L. (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae), α-amylase is found in both digestive fluid and hemolymph. Here, the complete genomic sequence of the Amy gene encoding α-amylase from a local Thai silkworm, the Nanglai strain, was obtained. This gene was 7981 bp long with 9 exons. The full length Amy cDNA sequence was 1749 bp containing a 1503 bp open reading frame. The ORF encoded 500 amino acid residues. The deduced protein showed 81–54% identity to other insect α-amylases and more than 50% identity to mammalian enzymes. Southern blot analysis revealed that in the Nanglai strain Amy is a single-copy gene. RT- PCR showed that Amy was transcribed only in the foregut. Transgenic B. mori also showed that the Amy promoter activates expression of the transgene only in the foregut

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