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Magnetic Nanoparticle-Based Theranostics

By Jin Xie and Sangyong Jon


This theme issue provides a timely collection of studies on magnetic nanoparticle-based imaging, bio-sensing, therapy and/or their combinations

Topics: Editorial
Publisher: Ivyspring International Publisher
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Suggested articles


  1. (2012). Applications of magnetic microbubbles for theranostics. Theranostics.
  2. Comparison of two ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxides on cytotoxicity and MR imaging of tumors.
  3. Development of manganese-based nanoparticles as contrast probes for magnetic resonance imaging.
  4. (2012). Improving the magnetic resonance imaging contrast and detection methods with engineered magnetic nanoparticles. Theranostics.
  5. Magnetic nanoparticle-based hyperthermia for head & neck cancer in mouse models.
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