Ethyl 1-(2-hy­droxy­eth­yl)-2-[2-(methyl­sulfan­yl)eth­yl]-1H-benzimidazole-5-carboxyl­ate


In the crystal structure of the title compound, C15H20N2O3S, the hy­droxy group is involved in the formation of O—H⋯N hydrogen bonds, which link two mol­ecules into a centrosymmetric dimer. Weak C—H⋯O hydrogen bonds further link these dimers into chains propagating along the a axis. The crystal packing exhibits π–π inter­actions between the five- and six-membered rings of neighbouring mol­ecules [centroid–centroid distance = 3.819 (2) Å] and short inter­molecular S⋯S contacts of 3.495 (1) Å

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