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The development concept of “endogenous psychoses”

By Helmut Beckmann, Hermann Jakob and Dieter Senitz


Several structural deviances in the brain in “endogenous psychoses” have been described over the last decades. The enlargement of the lateral ventricles and the subtle structural deficits in temporobasal and orbital frontal structures (hypofrontality) are reasonably well established in the majority of schizophrenic patients. We examined the cytoarchitecture of these important central structures, namely the entorhinal region and the orbitofronial cortex (Brodmann area 11), which have been under meticulous investigation in our laboratories over the last few decades. In a new series of schizophrenic patients and normal controls, we made serial cuts of the whole rostral entorhinal cortex on both sides. For this report, we selected two cases with very different psychopathologies, and present the serial cuts through both hemispheres and the malformations found. We report on the differing magnitude of the heterotopic malformations (for definition see page 103), either bilaterally or unilaterally

Topics: Clinical Research
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