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Unreduced Dynamic Complexity, Causally Complete Ecology, and Realistic Transition to the Superior Level of Life

By Andrei Kirilyuk


The unreduced, universally nonperturbative analysis of a generic system of arbitrary interacting entities leads to the absolutely universal and reality-based concept of dynamic complexity expressing the qualitatively new phenomenon of dynamic multivaluedness of the emerging incompatible (redundant) versions of interaction results called system realisations. The obtained universal science of complexity transforms ecology, always dealing with irreducibly complex systems, to an "exact", causally complete science of civilisation development, essentially exceeding the dominating level of ill-founded empirical guesses or application of various existing imitations of "complexity", "chaoticity", "nonlinearity", etc., obtained within the basically unchanged, dynamically single-valued, perturbative reduction of the canonical, linear science. The rigorously substantiated, universal law of unreduced complexity conservation and development, or symmetry of complexity, being applied at the global scale of civilisation development, leads to the objectively justified conclusion about the necessity and reality of transition from today's "protective" ecology maintaining a "sustainable", but inevitable, destruction to the qualitatively new, creative ecology science and action based on the objective and universal criterion of progress (optimal growth of unreduced complexity-entropy), actively producing the man-made "SuperNature", and accompanied by the general, also objectively substantiated, ascent of civilisation to the next, superior level of complexity. The latter involves a qualitatively new type of human settlement, activity, and social structure, superior level of individual consciousness and complex-dynamic, self-developing, unrestricted creativity in all aspects of life, which is equivalent to the causally specified Noosphere and genuine sustainability

Topics: Ecology
Year: 1999
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