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Adaptation of photosystem II to high and low light in wild-type and triazine-resistant Canola plants: analysis by a fluorescence induction algorithm

By Jack J. S. van Rensen and Wim J. Vredenberg


Plants of wild-type and triazine-resistant Canola (Brassica napus L.) were exposed to very high light intensities and after 1 day placed on a laboratory table at low light to recover, to study the kinetics of variable fluorescence after light, and after dark-adaptation. This cycle was repeated several times. The fast OJIP fluorescence rise curve was measured immediately after light exposure and after recovery during 1 day in laboratory room light. A fluorescence induction algorithm has been used for resolution and analysis of these curves. This algorithm includes photochemical and photo-electrochemical quenching release components and a photo-electrical dependent IP-component. The analysis revealed a substantial suppression of the photo-electrochemical component (even complete in the resistant biotype), a partial suppression of the photochemical component and a decrease in the fluorescence parameter Fo after high light. These effects were recovered after 1 day in the indoor light

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