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Neurotensin receptor 1 immunoreactivity in the peripheral ganglia and carotid body

By A. Porzionato, V. Macchi, A. Amagliani, I. Castagliuolo, A. Parenti and R. De Caro


In the present study we investigated, through immunohistochemistry, the presence and location of neurotensin receptor 1 (NTR1) in the peripheral ganglia and carotid body of 16 humans and 5 rats. In both humans and rats, NTR1 immunostained ganglion cells were found in superior cervical ganglia (57.4±11.6% and 72.4±11.4%, respectively, p<0.05), enteric ganglia (51.9±10.4% and 64.6±6.1%, p<0.05), sensory ganglia (69.2±10.7% and 73.0±13.1%, p>0.05) and parasympathetic ganglia (52.1±14.1% and 59.4±14.0%, p>0.05), supporting a modulatory role for NT in these ganglia. Positivity was also detected in 45.6±9.2% and 50.8±6.8% of human and rat type I glomic cells, respectively, whereas type II cells were negative. Our findings suggest that NT produced by type I cells acts in an autocrine or paracrine way on the same cell type, playing a modulatory role on chemoception

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