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Significance and relationship between DJ-1 gene and survivin gene expression in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma

By Z. Shen, Y. Ren, D. Ye, J. Guo, C. Kang and H. Ding


This study aimed at exploring the correlation between DJ-1 gene and survivin gene in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma by analyzing their gene expression levels and their relationship with clinicopathologic parameters. The expression of DJ-1 gene and survivin gene in 82 laryngeal carcinoma tissues from patients and 82 negative surgical margin tissue samples were detected by immunohistochemistry, respectively. The correlation of their expression levels and patients' clinical parameters were then analyzed by Pearson correlation analysis. The positive detection rates of DJ-1 and survivin in laryngeal carcinoma tissues were 71.95% and 60.98%, which were higher than those of the normal control that were 29.27% and 0.00%, respectively (P<0.01). The positive detection rates of DJ-1 and survivin were found associated with tumor stages (P<0.05), but not with lymph node metastasis. The DJ-1 gene expression level was related to cell differentiation (P<0.05). Finally, a positive correlation between DJ-1 and survivin gene expression in laryngeal carcinoma was found. The overall survival rate of patients was 51.2%, and disease-free survival (DFS) was 39.0%. DFS in DJ-1 negative-expression group was 87.0%, and 20.3% in DJ-1 positive-expression group. The negative expression of DJ-1 was associated with a shorter mean patient DFS time (44.643±1.417 months), whereas positive expression of DJ-1 was associated with a longer mean DSF time (25.943±;1.297 months). DJ-1 and survivin play a vital role in the occurrence and development of laryngeal carcinoma. DJ-1 may promote the carcinogenesis of laryngeal cells by up-regulating the survivin gene expression

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