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Size of hippocampal pyramidal neurons in schizophrenia

By Dr JR Highley, Ms M Walker, Dr B McDonald, Prof TJ Crow and Prof MM Esiri


Background Meta-analyses of hippocampal size have indicated thatthis structure is smaller in schizophrenia.This could reflect a reductioninthe size of constituent neurons or a reduced number of neurons. Aims To measure the size of hippocampalpyramidalneuronsinthe hippocampalpyramidalneurons inthe brains of peoplewith andwithout schizophrenia. Method Pyramidalneuron size in hippocampal subfieldswas estimated stereologically fromsections taken at 5mmintervals throughoutthewhole length of right and left hippocampi from andleft the brains of13 peoplewith schizophrenia and16 controls.Resultswere assessed using repeated-measures analysis of covariance looking for amain effectof diagnosis and gender, andinteractions of and interactions thesewith side. Results Wewere unable to detect significantdifferences related to diagnosis, gender or side for any hippocampal subfield for this series of cases. Conclusions For this series of brains, hippocampal cell size is unchangedin schizophrenia

Topics: Neurogenetics
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2003
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