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Use of X-ray fluoroscopy in orthopedic operations: The patient’s perspective

By Zain Ul-Abadin, Faisal rauf Khan, Shams Rauf and Nadia Rauf


We collected data from 50 patients who had orthopedic trauma surgery involving X-ray fluoroscopy. All patients were interviewed post-operatively. The aim of the study was to find out what patients thought of orthopedic trauma surgery, the radiation involved, and their concerns post-trauma surgery. Were they given information about the procedures? Did the surgery follow the Department of Health, UK guidelines? That is, consent should be informed, etc. Results showed that most of the patients were unaware of the fact that they were X-rayed during the operation; hence the emphasis on informed consent should be stressed. Most of the patients were unaware about the availability of any protective clothing (lead shield). Even some female patients were unaware of the harmful effects of the radiation on the fetus. Hence, we recommend that more information and education be given to orthopedic trauma patients regarding X-rays

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