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AGRICOH: A Consortium of Agricultural Cohorts

By Maria E. Leon, Laura E. Beane Freeman, Jeroen Douwes, Jane A. Hoppin, Hans Kromhout, Pierre Lebailly, Karl-Christian Nordby, Marc Schenker, Joachim Schüz, Stephen C. Waring, Michael C.R. Alavanja, Isabella Annesi-Maesano, Isabelle Baldi, Mohamed Aqiel Dalvie, Giles Ferro, Béatrice Fervers, Hilde Langseth, Leslie London, Charles F. Lynch, John McLaughlin, James A. Merchant, Punam Pahwa, Torben Sigsgaard, Leslie Stayner, Catharina Wesseling, Keun-Young Yoo, Shelia H. Zahm, Kurt Straif and Aaron Blair


AGRICOH is a recently formed consortium of agricultural cohort studies involving 22 cohorts from nine countries in five continents: South Africa (1), Canada (3), Costa Rica (2), USA (6), Republic of Korea (1), New Zealand (2), Denmark (1), France (3) and Norway (3). The aim of AGRICOH, initiated by the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) and coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), is to promote and sustain collaboration and pooling of data to investigate the association between a wide range of agricultural exposures and a wide range of health outcomes, with a particular focus on associations that cannot easily be addressed in individual studies because of rare exposures (e.g., use of infrequently applied chemicals) or relatively rare outcomes (e.g., certain types of cancer, neurologic and auto-immune diseases). To facilitate future projects the need for data harmonization of selected variables is required and is underway. Altogether, AGRICOH provides excellent opportunities for studying cancer, respiratory, neurologic, and auto-immune diseases as well as reproductive and allergic disorders, injuries and overall mortality in association with a wide array of exposures, prominent among these the application of pesticides

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