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Brief Tale of a Bacteraemia by Rhodococcus equi, With Concomitant Lung Mass: What Came First, the Chicken or The Egg?

By Vincenzo Savini, Prassede Salutari, Marco Sborgia, Iole Mancini, Gioviana Masciarelli, Chiara Catavitello, Daniela Astolfi, Claudio D’Amario, Giuseppe Fioritoni, Antonio Spadaro and Domenico D’Antonio


Rhodococcus equi is an uncommon Gram positive, variably acid-fast pathogen, that appears as hard to treat mostly owing to the establishment of intracellular niches. Lack of interpretive criteria for susceptibility testing may lead to under-reporting or overestimation of resistances, whereas knowledge about this pathogen’s clinical impact may be affected by erroneous phenotype-based characterization at a genus and species level

Topics: Case Report
Publisher: Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
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